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2 Online Ways To Earn Bitcoin & Dollars In Nigeria

Many Nigerians are Searching for other Ways of Earning Extra Income due the harsh economic reality facing the country.

In this issue which I will be very brief I want to reveal to you 2 secret Websites where you can Earn Extra Income online.

I am doing this for Free because I have made  big Money myself using these secrets Websites.

Firstly, to start these 2 Online business you need where to keep your  Earned money.These 2 websites Pay your Money to your Payza and Bitcoin Wallets respectively.

Secrets Websites:

  1. Ads4btc.Com: This is an advert website that collect money from people that want to advertise their websites and share this money with you, just to view these websites online.The website pays you Bitcoin that can be withdrawn instantly to your free Bitcoin Wallet.
  2. Ayuwage.Com: This also an another Advert website that gets advertisers money and pay you to view their adverts.This website pays you in Dollars to your Payza Wallet.

Why You Need Bitcoin For Your Business In Nigeria Online

Recently the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN ) has resolved that it is going to allow the naira float freely at the inter bank market.

After his last Monetary Policy Committee meeting(MPC) held on tuesday the CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele is quoted at saying:

“In summary, the MPC voted to introduce greater flexibility in the inter-bank foreign exchange market structure and to retain a small window for critical transactions”

Allowing the Naira to float freely means that the Nigerian government is leaving the forces of demand and supply to determine the foreign exchange market rate. This means that the more people demand for the Dollar, the more they will pay for it in Naira. For instance, during the resumption of schools abroad, affected Nigerian parents will demand for Dollars thereby leading to an increase in the exchange rate of a Dollar to the Naira. During this period, banks will then set their own exchange rate based on demand in order to sell to those willing to buy at higher rates.

Following this announcement, Nigerians will not be able to buy US Dollars at the CBN rate of 199. This means that people who want to make payments for school fees, business, tourism, medicals, holiday and other bills will not be able to buy at 199. They are now left at the mercy of the inter-bank market determined rates.

Banks, importers and individuals who also engage in round-tripping or arbitrage (buying funds from the Central Bank of Nigeria’s official market at low rate and resell in the parallel market at higher rates) – will not be able to do so anymore.

The above scenario has shown that you need an alternative currency for your business in Nigeria.

That is why you need Bitcoin  for your business transactions in Nigeria and abroad. What is Bitcoin? Many People have asked this question several times. That is why I keep educating people in Nigeria about Bitcoin in my various Blog posts.

Bitcoin is a digital currency (also called crypto-currency) that is not backed by any country’s Central bank or government (even the CBN of Nigeria).

Bitcoins can be traded for goods or services globally.   It can be  accepted as a means of payment. They are stored in a digital wallet which you can have it freely online in Nigeria.

As i am writing now Bitcoin is worth about $452 which is about 97,000 Naira.

You should know that Bitcoin are virtual currencies which are not handle physical for purchases but are used electronically.

Bitcoin is a digital currency of payment. Many big companies like WordPress,, and Reddit accept Bitcoin, and a growing numbers of brick and mortar stores are starting to accept them internationally as well. More than $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins are currently in circulation around the world, with millions of transactions occurring daily.

Needless to say, the popularity and usage of Bitcoin is picking up very quickly as more and more businesses and individuals are becoming aware of its benefits and advantages over traditional currencies.

That is why Nigerians should be among the economies of the world using Bitcoin.

Start using Bitcoin and avoid facing the problem scarcity of dollar in Nigeria.

Bitcoin Blog Leverage:The Power To Earn Bitcoin From Other People’s Blog Efforts Online.

Earning Bitcoin Online can be made very Easy when you Leverage the Efforts of Others who are in the same Bitcoin Earning Business with You.

I have discovered from my past Online Experience that you need the efforts of others to make it.
In this article I have referred this strategy as “Bitcoin Blog Leverage”

I have therefore listed some of the most important Bitcoin Blogs Online that can help You in the quest of earning Bitcoin Online.
Take time to learn from the information provided by these Blogs and be sure to Earn Bitcoin Online.

Below a list of the First 20 Bitcoins Blogs Online. You can learn about Bitcoin from these Bitcoin Blogs Online:

1. Coindex.Com

2. Letstalkbitcoin.Com

3. BitcoinMagazine.Com

4. Bravenewcoin.Com

5. Newsbtc.Com

6. Moneybeat

7. BitcoinAliens.Com


9. OfNumbers.Com

10. Bitcoinist.Net

11. Digiconomist.Net

12. Allcoinsnews.Com

13. Cryptocoinsnews.Com


15. Coinreport.Net

16. Cryptorials.Io

17. Altcoinsnews.Com

18. Gendal.Me

19. Coingecko.Com

20. Blockchain.Com

I will be updating this Blog post from time to time to include other Bitcoins Blogs that are not listed here. If you own any Bitcoin Blog that you feel it’s important to Include on ,you should send Me the Blog Url on the following email address: or

The Simple Meaning Of Bitcoin To Nigerians Online

75% of Nigerians today do not know what Bitcoin is all about. If Bitcoin is confusing to you,that is normal. Don’t worry I will use this post to explain the meaning Bitcoin to you.

Bitcoin is totally different from all existing electronic currencies. It’s radically new concept that is quite difficult to explain, to a point that many articles on Bitcoin mistakenly compare it to Perfectmoney, Payza, PayPal, Pecunix, etc. This is always a sign that the authors do not comprehend the main pillar of Bitcoin’s design.

Bitcoin is the world’s first invention of a decentralized electronic currency, with no central authority or trusted parties whatsoever, as its inventor originally describes. Not even the Bitcoin developers themselves have special control of Bitcoin. Compare this to other e-currencies that are operated by central authorities that are single points of failure: they have a history of regulating transactions eg Paypal not allowing Nigerians to open account or simply failing and shutting down,eg. e-gold

Bitcoin is best explained by this list of analogies extracted from a fellow blogger website; Read it carefully and learn from it:

“Bitcoin is like digital gold.
By design, there is a known, immutable, fixed supply of bitcoins, similar to gold being available in limited quantity on Earth. There are 2.1 quadrillion indivisible units of value (0.00000001 bitcoins), and not one more will ever exist.
Bitcoins are digital, therefore you can instantly transfer them to anybody across the world.
Bitcoins are stored locally on your electronic device (cellphone, computer), contrary to being stored in an account managed by a financial institution. This is similar to how you can store cash or gold in a physical location of your choice. This means there is no “Bitcoin account” that can be frozen by someone in power (eg. your spouse making malicious claims to seize a bank account during a divorce).
Bitcoin transactions are technically irreversible. There is no mechanism to revert a transaction, other than convincing the recipient to send the bitcoins back. This solves the fraud problem for merchants, as all the payments they receive are final, whether fraudulent or not. (On the downside, like cash or gold, if bitcoins are stolen from you, the chance of recovering them is generally slim.)
Payments are sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution, similarly to how cash or gold can be handed directly to someone. You do so by sending them from your computer, to the recipient’s computer, through the Bitcoin network (which is nothing more than other computers running Bitcoin). Since no one can realistically prevent a computer from getting Internet access one way or another, no one can regulate or block transactions (eg. oppressive governments financially repressing activists.)
Finally, there is no financial institution, or bank, or company, operating Bitcoin, just like there is no company in charge of “operating gold”. There is no Internet server to shut down to terminate Bitcoin. It exists merely as an application running on your computer, which communicates with other Bitcoin users over the Internet. This “mesh” Bitcoin network is called a peer-to-peer network, and this design makes it effectively indestructible, as long as the medium of communication (Internet) exists

You must be wondering:

How can Bitcoin offer all the above security guarantees? The entire system is secured by a novel and clever use of cryptographic algorithms. It was so difficult to get right that it had to be designed completely openly. So it was made open source, available for free for anybody to use. Its openness has allowed peer-review of its source code and has attracted a lot of attention from some world-class cryptographers and computer scientists (Jeff Garzik, Dan Kaminsky, Jacob Applebaum, etc). As experts, they are used to find weaknesses in applications, but to their suprise they found Bitcoin well designed, offering the guarantees it claims. If you are inclined to read technical documents, read the Bitcoin design paper, this LWN introductory article, or my first post on Bitcoin.
How are the coins created? With gold, miners have to perform a lot of work to discover gold deposits in the planet’s crust. Bitcoin emulates gold here again: “Bitcoin miners” run specialized software on high-powered computers and solve complex mathematical puzzles. The difficulty of the puzzles ensures that coins are slowly introduced in the system over time, and are randomly distributed to its users. (Depending on your electrical costs, mining may be a profitable activity.) However the vast majority of Bitcoin users acquire them by simply purchasing them from other users or from exchange markets, or by trading goods or services with users owning bitcoins.
If the coins are stored on my device, what prevents me from making copies, counterfeiting them? The entire network uniquely identifies all coins and tracks all transfers. For example a transfer is recorded like this, coming from opaque addresses, going to other opaque addresses. (Note that this makes Bitcoin not fully anonymous, but at least pseudo anonymous, because it can be hard to figure out who owns which addresses as the Bitcoin software creates new addresses for every transfer and users are encouraged to not re-use them.) If you copy coins and attempt to spend them twice, the network will detect the “double-spend” and reject it.
Why do Bitcoins have value? What backs Bitcoin? Bitcoin is like gold: nothing backs it. The only reason a currency or commodity has value is because people are willing to trade goods or services for it. Initially, Bitcoin was perceived as having no value. Then early-adopters started to grasp its potential and invested in it. For example, one of the first transactions was two pizzas that famously sold for 10000 Bitcoins. This was a risky trade because Bitcoins were worth virtually nothing at the time. Nonetheless, this trade and subsequent ones helped “bootstrap” the currency, because people knew there would be at least one guy willing to trade pizzas for Bitcoins. Trade and value grew step by step over time. Fast-forward to the present and there is today a thriving community of merchants accepting Bitcoin. This community alone is what gives bitcoins value

In my view, the unrestricted and decentralized aspect of Bitcoin has the potential to change our society the same way the unrestricted and decentralized flow of information on the World Wide Web changed it”

This is the same view I hold.

The simplest place to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria is

How To Get Rich With Bitcoin MMM Network In Nigeria

In good and bad times, people are increasingly looking toward network marketing as a source of income. They need look no further than The Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox(MMM).

What is MMM all about? Read what the company has to say:

“MMM is not a bank, MMM does not collect your money, MMM is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. MMM is a community where people help each other. MMM gives you a technical platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to connect those who NEED help to those who are ready to PROVIDE help, for FREE. All transferred funds to another participant are your help given by your own good will to another one, absolutely gratis. If you are completely confident and certain in your actions and make your mind to participate, we kindly ask you to study carefully all warnings and instructions first. In cases of any matter regarding the topic Our online consultants are ready to help and answer all of your questions”

Is that the kind of company you can believe in? The answer is a resounding, “Yes.”

Network marketing companies are among the fastest-growing businesses in the world for a simple reason: People want to control their own destiny in today’s economic environment. With jobs and earnings tight in many places, the potential of extra income through an independent opportunity is suddenly very appealing.

Well, there is good news.

MMM is a community of people providing each other financial help on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence.

In MMM you don’t have to make contracts or pledge your property. In MMM there are no lenders and no debtors. Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help — another one helps.

The only thing that MMM demands from its participants is to be honest and kind to each other. You ask for financial help when you need it, you give financial help when you are able to do it”

Join MMM today and earn extra income online,it is the latest network opportunity of the century. Delay is dangerous!

Why I want Nigerians To Earn And Use Bitcoin Online.

There are many Definitions of Bitcoin online, however the simple Definition is that Bitcoin was invented as a peer-to-peer system for online payments that does not require a central authority. Since its inception in 2008, Bitcoin has grown into a technology, a currency, an investment vehicle, and a community of users.

Why use Bitcoin? What are its benefits? Why is it better than cash or credit cards?
Many Nigerians asked these questions all the time so I thought I should put together a post on some of the reasons why you, or anyone in Nigeria, should know about Bitcoin and also find reasons to have and use Bitcoin.

The following are some of the basic reasons why Nigerians should own and use Bitcoins Online:

I.Bitcoin Provide Financial Freedom:
Bitcoin allows you to be your own bank. Bitcoin is simultaneously an open financial protocol and a currency required in order to transact freely on the protocol.

II.Bitcoin provides Privacy Online:
Our Block Explorer, along with other Bitcoin block explorers, display the entire history of Bitcoin transactions for all to see.
Bitcoin transaction history can be access by anyone online.
At first glance, you might consider this level of transparency the opposite of private.
This means that online Bitcoin users can choose whether they want to be completely transparent with their Bitcoins or keep them very private.
The Bitcoin Protocol does not require people to identify themselves in order to transact business. Unlike a bank where people often have one or two accounts, you can create as many Bitcoin wallets as you want.

III.Bitcoin is very secure and Global:
There is no discrimination with Bitcoin. You can use it anywhere in the world, to send money almost instantly, nearly for free. Transferring bitcoins costs just a few pennies and you can send as much value as you want. There is no bitcoins counterfeit or duplicates because there is no third party in Bitcoin transactions.

IV.Bitcoin is for our Own Generation:
What we mean by that is Bitcoin is made for our own Internet-generation. We are quickly moving past the days of carrying around paper money or pulling out your credit card. Any country that has not adopted Bitcoin is said to backward in business.
Bitcoin goes several steps further than the convenience of credit cards by equipping users with a Payment option that is significantly lower in fees, provides reduction in transaction time, and is totally accessible through the dozens of Bitcoin wallets.

V.Bitcoin is not affected by Inflation:
The total number of bitcoins are said to be Peaked at 21 million, which is different than other currencies. Unlike Dollars which causes inflation as the total number increases, Bitcoin on the other hand is relatively scarce and fungible, and does not cause inflation.

For these reasons, I am urging Nigerians to start using Bitcoins so that they can benefits from the above reasons.

Making Bitcoin Online My Kept Secret Revealed

If you are reading this Blog Post, I trust that you are looking for a proven method to make Money or Bitcoin online. Well, look no further because you are in the right place.

You see, 50% of the “make money online” programs are hyped in a way to make you believe that it is really simple and easy to make money online. But ALL of them do not live up to their expectations and they make a couple of hundreds or thousands from you before you lose faith and interest in them.

That’s why I build to protect you from those dubious programs. I’ve have tried and tested many money making programs online so you do not have to do it yourself.

So how Can You make Make Money or Bitcoin Online?

The answer is very simple, you direct people to whatever they are looking for and turn your passion into profits.

Choose an interest,it can be anything you want.

Build a website about your interest which we make it very easy here.

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Earn Revenue by Selling stuffs or things that people want.

That makes you rich and wealthy.

Just like starting any physical business, Online business starts with a passion, but most of the time when you want to start a business, you are limited by the resources you have i.e. start up capital, knowledge and experience.

Contact us for some these resources.

If you are passionate about sports, you can start a business revolving around sports.
If you are passionate about food, you can start a business revolving around food. If you are passionate about Bitcoin, you can start a business revolving Bitcoin. There are so many niches for you to choose from and the potential is limitless.

Now with our help you will realise that you do not need a huge start up capital, you will be taught the necessary knowledge and experience required to kick start your success journey.
We build our interest on Bitcoin and we earn revenue from products and adverts. Do the same and earn residual income

The Top 3 Bitcoin Millionaires And Why You Should Do The Same Now

Bitcoin is truly taking a place among the Financial world and everyone wants to know all about those who have made it in the industry.
Bitcoin millionaires are the people that have reached the bitcoin millionaire investors club.

They did not do it by being a money market manager or by selling the latest greatest online product.

They became millionaires by purchasing, mining, and trading the Bitcoin.

The number of actual bitcoin millionaires is not known.

Bitcoins are contained in virtual wallets and while the number of wallets and the amounts they contain is public knowledge, the people who own these wallets are protected. Considering that people can have as many Bitcoin wallets as they want, it is impossible to say that all the wallets belong to individuals.

The following are the list of Bitcoin Millionaires Online:

Jered Kenna: Bitcoin millionaire Jered Kenna purchased his first Bitcoin batch for $0.20 a piece. He traded them for approximately $258 a piece. This was just the first batch of coins.
He lost approximately $200,000 in 2010 when he reformatted his drive. Something that can happen when you are dealing with cryptocurrency he did not worry about the loss, though he would not disclose his actual worth.

 Facebook Litigants
Facebook Litigants the Winklevoss twins became investors in the market, according to the New York Times they have amassed $11 million from their investment.
The Winklovess twins joined the Bitcoin millionaire club even before bitcoin was made popular and known to the public.

Charlie Shrem found Bitcoins in 2011; he purchased his first batch for between $3-4 a piece. He purchased thousands more when they increased to $20. He then started a company BitInstant that allows people to purchase Bitcoins in physical stores. –

You can See more these information at:

A Social Media Exchange Site That Pays Bitcoin

Many Social Media Sites had been Paying their users Some Revenue Shares in different Currencies like Us Dollars and Euro but few Pay their Users in Bitcoins.

Recently We discovered a Social Media Exchange Site that pays their Users Bitcoin to Perform Action such as Follow, like and Subscribe in Twitter,Facebook,Google+ and in Youtube.
This means that you will have accounts with these Popular social media Networks.

In this Social Media-Bitcoin Earning Site You will Earn points which can be Exchanged with Bitcoin or any of your favorite Crypto-Currency with a 5% Withdrawal Bonus for Blitzcoin.

The Bitcoin Earning Site also Runs an Affiliate Program for its Users,however users referred must have at least 30 clicks before their Earnings are Displayed on their accounts.

You can also Buy Some social Points with your Paypal or Debit card to increase your social media followers.

Join Us to Earn Bitcoin with this Viral social network Online.

Win Bitcoin With OneHash Sport Betting Online In Nigeria

Different Methods are now fashioned out for you to Earn Bitcoin Online. You can stay any where in the globe with a computer with internet connection and earn Bitcoin.

One of such places to earn bitcoin online is OneHash.

Read what the company has to say in their  edited press release:

“ is a betting platform dedicated to Bitcoin users that recorded tenfold increase in the number of weekly bets during the last two months. 

OneHash uses a unique engine in which each bet has an actual impact on the course which as a result changes dynamically. Bitcoins circulate between users only, allowing for mutual betting undisturbed by bookmakers. This makes bitcoin betting even more fun than it was ever before. It’s being confirmed by the data as well. OneHash recorded tenfold increase in the number of weekly bets during the last two months. At the same time, the stickiness factor (percentage of users who place more than one bet in a week) stayed at the level of 40%. Judging by these optimistic statistics, OneHash has a sound potential to go mainstream and attract users of the traditional betting platforms.

OneHash was first launched during 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. It was a perfect timing for verifying interest in this form of entertainment. The idea of mutual betting with bitcoins met with a very promising feedback from users. Authors of the platform decided to carry on and developed their website. Currently, OneHash offers a number of sports and special events available for betting with bitcoins.

We’ve come up with the idea for OneHash as we could not find a simple bitcoin betting platform on the market. We aimed at creating a minimalistic and user-friendly place for bettors who want to have even more fun while watching their favourite teams. There are no adverts here or any other distractions. Just a lot of fun and sports emotions – says Eric Baker, CEO at

OneHash is not a typical bookmaker as one could expect. In this case, the platform provides a place for mutual betting. The only opponents waiting for the user are real people betting for opposite options. In this way, each bet has its impact on the multiplier which consequently changes. This turns up the excitement before the game even starts.

OneHash platform allows to make safe bets anonymously without setting up an account. It is enough for a bettor to choose a match, state his bitcoin wallet and write down an e-mail address so to receive betting results after the game. The platform focuses on developing further betting options and reaching wider audience. OneHash founders declare even more sports and special categories will be coming soon.

OneHash is a Bitcoin betting platform for sports fans. Each bet has an actual impact on the course which changes dynamically. All bitcoins circulate between users only, enabling mutual betting undisturbed by bookmakers. These unique mechanics keep emotions high and ensure high credibility of OneHash as a betting provider. For more visit: