A Social Media Exchange Site That Pays Bitcoin

Many Social Media Sites had been Paying their users Some Revenue Shares in different Currencies like Us Dollars and Euro but few Pay their Users in Bitcoins.

Recently We discovered a Social Media Exchange Site that pays their Users Bitcoin to Perform Action such as Follow, like and Subscribe in Twitter,Facebook,Google+ and in Youtube.
This means that you will have accounts with these Popular social media Networks.

In this Social Media-Bitcoin Earning Site You will Earn points which can be Exchanged with Bitcoin or any of your favorite Crypto-Currency with a 5% Withdrawal Bonus for Blitzcoin.

The Bitcoin Earning Site also Runs an Affiliate Program for its Users,however users referred must have at least 30 clicks before their Earnings are Displayed on their accounts.

You can also Buy Some social Points with your Paypal or Debit card to increase your social media followers.

Join Us to Earn Bitcoin with this Viral social network Online.

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