The Top 3 Bitcoin Millionaires And Why You Should Do The Same Now

Bitcoin is truly taking a place among the Financial world and everyone wants to know all about those who have made it in the industry.
Bitcoin millionaires are the people that have reached the bitcoin millionaire investors club.

They did not do it by being a money market manager or by selling the latest greatest online product.

They became millionaires by purchasing, mining, and trading the Bitcoin.

The number of actual bitcoin millionaires is not known.

Bitcoins are contained in virtual wallets and while the number of wallets and the amounts they contain is public knowledge, the people who own these wallets are protected. Considering that people can have as many Bitcoin wallets as they want, it is impossible to say that all the wallets belong to individuals.

The following are the list of Bitcoin Millionaires Online:

Jered Kenna: Bitcoin millionaire Jered Kenna purchased his first Bitcoin batch for $0.20 a piece. He traded them for approximately $258 a piece. This was just the first batch of coins.
He lost approximately $200,000 in 2010 when he reformatted his drive. Something that can happen when you are dealing with cryptocurrency he did not worry about the loss, though he would not disclose his actual worth.

 Facebook Litigants
Facebook Litigants the Winklevoss twins became investors in the market, according to the New York Times they have amassed $11 million from their investment.
The Winklovess twins joined the Bitcoin millionaire club even before bitcoin was made popular and known to the public.

Charlie Shrem found Bitcoins in 2011; he purchased his first batch for between $3-4 a piece. He purchased thousands more when they increased to $20. He then started a company BitInstant that allows people to purchase Bitcoins in physical stores. –

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