Join Blocklancer ICO And Earn Huge Profit With Lancer Tokens(LCN)

Blocklancer platform is an Ethereum blockchain distributed platform aim to provideOnline jobs and Projects  for global people online. It is a meeting point for freelancers and employers of labour through searching and sourcing of jobs online.

According to a Blocklancer whitepaper statement below:

“Freelancing is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

The freelance workforce is comprised of 55 million workers, compared to 30 million workers
only 10 years ago, and it hence has almost doubled in workforce numbers within this small time frame. It currently represents approximately 35 % of the U. S. workforce.
The whole freelance workforce has earned a combined revenue of an estimated $ 1 trillion this past year, making up a significant share of the U. S. economy.
And that’s not all: The freelancing world is an ever-growing market with more and more
people getting into freelancing every year. In a survey, nearly half of all the freelancers
currently active in this field of work saw an increase in demand and are expecting to raise their revenue in the coming year as well.
If only 0.01 % of the freelancer community were to use our platform–which is feasible for our project-the amount of money in circulation on our platform would exceed $ 100,000,000,resulting in a yearly income of $ 3,000,000at 3 % fees”
The blocklancer platform is intended to improve the freelancing business through the blockchain by solving some of the major impending issues stated above that are faulty with the other freelancing platforms.

This is what the company has to say:

“The Blocklancer platform is intended as a means to revolutionize the process of freelancing and to improve the cooperation between the freelancer and the client
It is going to solve many issues involved in the freelancing process, including but not limited to:
 refusals of paying the agreed on amount of money for a project,
 fake reviews and
 the uncontrollable influence of a central authority figure”
   Blocklancer intends to release lancer Tokens(LCN) through an ICO which is billed to take place in August, 2017.  Lancer Tokens holders are entitled to a certain percentage of the company’S revenue.
Read what the company is saying about LCN Tokens Sharing formula:
“The Tokens represent the share you have in our project. Everyone who holds Lancer Tokens receives their part of the fees generated by the employment contracts made on our platform. The Tokens are therefore comparable to shares in a company, where you receive a certain percentage of the company’s revenue yearly.The fee entailed in making an employment contract on our freelancing platform is going to be3 % of its included price and then 100 % percent of these fees are going to be given out to the Token holders.
But the advantages of holding tokens are not going to be limited to only receiving money:
Should the parties of an employment contract have a disagreement, the token holders are
allowed to vote on who is right. As an example: If the client is not content with the freelancer’s work, the token holders will be able to decide whether the freelancer fulfilled his part of the contract and the client is obligated to pay up.Wrong voting is punished with loss of tokens which are distributed among the other voters.This will guarantee that one single authority won’t be able to influence this platform in their favor.There will be min.200 million tokens available because we want to ensure that the voting system, which we deem an integral part of our project, is as diverse as possible”
Blocklancer company has one of the best and powerful teams of managers which include among others Micheal kaiser(CEO/FOUNDER) Sabrina Kaiser(COO/FOUNDER) and Kevin Kaiser(CT0/FOUNDER).
Join Blocklancer ICO and earn huge profit holding Lancer Tokens(LCN)

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