Earning Good Living Investing In Bitjob Student ICO Online

Bitjob platform is the first Online student Platform that is deploying the most decentralized blockchain technology for business. It is one of the first freelancing platforms that will hybridized two major Architectural paradiggms; the centralized client server and the decentralized client server.

According to Bitjob whitepaper:
“bitjob will deploy blockchain technology in the global student community. Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt & overcome all boundaries,but we all understand that smart education of consumers is necessary inorder for this to happen. Promoting the education needed to implement decentralization and freedom of choice begins today, through the next generation of the labour market”

This peer to peer platform will totally change the way students earn money with their natural talents and skills while still learning school.
In Bitjob Platform students can earn doing part-time jobs while still in school.

According to their whitepaper it is stated by their CEO and Founder, Mandalion that:

“Students face two main problems: they are short on cash and they graduate with occupational experience unrelated to their fields. bitJob offers a real solution—an open source, decentralized, and secured marketplace, to enable students to convert their free time into fast and stable incomes, while enriching their portfolios and online résumés.”

Bitjob platform will also be useful to entrepreneurs who will be sourcing for literate freelancers who have great skills to suit employer’s desire needs.

Bitjob has announced an initial currency offering(ICO) which is billed for 12th september, 2017. They will lunch Bitjob student Tokens(STU) which will be purchased and sold during the ICO.
All contributors and investors will be eligible to receive STU Tokens by participating in the crowdsale campaign.
You are free to support Bitjob vision by joining this great ICO and earn STU Tokens Online.

Funds raised during the ICO will be used to cater for the marketing,the development and the overall lunching of Bitjob platform.

Bitjob team is one of the most powerful teams in the ICO business online. Their team members include; Dror Medalion(CO-FOUNDER/CEO), Aviad Gindi(C0-FOUNDER/CFO), Bogdan Fiedur(CO-FOUNDER/CTO),Elad Kofman(CO-FOUNDER/CMO) and many others.
According to Elad Kofman(C0-FOUNDER/CMO) these mentioned members are very vast in experience in different fields:
“A Striking combination of loyal and experienced founders, marketing directors, committed programmers, and crypto stars have gathered to create this exciting social project.

· Dror Medalion- Industrial and management engineer; world expert in product design and team leadership.

· Bogdan Fiedur- Full stack developer & Ethereum smart contracts specialist with 25 years as an entrepreneur.

· Aviad Gindi- Experienced Investment manager of institutional mutual funds & Crypto funds.

· Elad Kofman- A Marketing and public relations expert with 6 years of breathing crypto”

Bitjob has also secured partnership with some major institutions which include the Government of Netherland, the university of Florida Bitcoin Club,Blockchin Education Network and Israeli Student Association.

Join Bitjob platform ICO and make real money through STU Tokens.

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