Earn Huge Cash Playing Augmented Reality Clash Game Online

Reality Clash Game is the world first Augmented reality mobile game backed by the Ethereum smart contract blockchain. The revolutionary game is free to play and is available on Android and Iphone.

Reality Clash has unique game features for interested players which include;

“• A new revoluLonary gameplay
• No attachments or add-ons
• Uses the phone’s camera, presenting an augmented reality picture on the phones screen
• Real world buildings have an impact on gameplay
• Connect to friends in real-time using geo map technology
• Join private teams and tournaments or go full out street combat mode
• Trade and sell your weapons through the Reality Clash plaSorm or secondary markets for money
• Speculate on weapons and become a virtual arms dealer”

As a player of Reality Clash game you will be fighting your virtual enemies by using GPs and Digital cameras on your mobile phones.

According to the company white paper players will be doing the following things:

“Train and grow as a Reality Clash player, facing and fighting
against enemies in their local environment.
• Familiar places are now your battle fields
• The people in your surroundings are either your
allies or enemies
• Build you own headquarters
• Build defenses
• Set up battles in real life environments
• 2 player or full team mode”

Reality Clash Game is to run an ICO which will start on the 29th August,2017 and ends on the 29th September 2017.They are will issue Reality Clash Token (RCC) in two different forms; RCC Gold and RCC Silver. RCC Gold can be purchased during the main crowdsale while RCC Silver will be purchased from your Andriod and Iphone app stores when the real game lunches.

However there is a presale before the main ICO.
Quoted below is a detail summary of the company’s ICO crowdsale both the presale and the main ICO:

“Token Sale Details
The pre-sale will start 1st Aug – 28th Aug
50,000,000 RCC will be available during the pre-sale.
Pre-sale bonus is 50%.
Minimum investment is 50 ETHER
The Token Sale will start on: 29 Aug – 29 Sept 2017
50,000,000 RCC tokens will be available with the following free bonus tokens on a first come basis.
Once Ler one sells out it moves to Ler two and so on. No minimum investment.
Bonus: (TBC)
Tier one 20,000,000 RCC with 50% bonus coins
Tier two 15,000,000 RCC with 30% bonus coins
Tier three 10,000,000 RCC with 10% bonus coins
Tier four 5,000,000 RCC with no bonus coins
Any unallocated or unsold RCC Gold will be burned
Token Sale Details
Minimum objecLve: 7500 ETH
Max RCC sold by
: 100,000,000 (50% pre sale / 50% crowd sale)
Bonus Coins: 40,500,00
Team & Advisors: 8,500,000
BounLes: 1,000,000
Total: 150,000,000
Website : reality-
At 23:59 on 29 September 2017, or when the hard cap is raised (whichever is occurs first) the
ICO will end”

RCC Token can be bought and sold on the Reality Clash platform or in an exchange market. However you can make money by holding RCC tokens and benefit from the company’s advertising,promotional and marketing network by accepting gaming points.
It’s necessary to know in summary what the company has to say why you need to participate in this great ICO:
“• ParLcipants in the Token Sale will be able to purchase RCC gold coins in exchange for
• Free bonus coins & discounts on RCC Gold coins
• Access to exclusive limited ediLon content including weapons, armor and ammo. These weapons will
be available to buy and trade for money from 1st November 2017 on the Reality Clash PlaSorm and
the secondary market
• Access to hidden in-game levels and upgrades when the game launches
• Access to demos, invitaLon to join the ‘soh launch’ tournament and an exclusive medal, which will be
seen on tournament leader boards, next to your name, proving you’re a founder member”

Reality Clash has a very strong management team with experience in digital entrepreneurship which include games,apps tech,data and advertising. They have a vast experience in growing and scaling companies. The team has successfully built and sold companies in the past. They have also lunched and developed successful mobile, console and PC games in various countries of the world including London, Copenhagen and Ukraine.

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