Make Huge Cash Online With Hash Rush Game ICO.

Hash Rush game is the first world unique browser game that adopts the blockchain technology to make cryptocurrencies mining fun and readily available to players of the game online. In Hash Rush platform, gamers or players can earn cryptocurrencies while playing the sci-fi real-time strategy game, using in-game purchases, tradeable items and quest rewards to boost their earnings.

According to the Hash Rush updated Whitepaper:

“The Hash Rush project brings cryptocurrency mining to the world of real-time strategy
gaming. Players build their own in-game mining colony with units and structures which
correlate with real-world cryptocurrency hashing power. By spending Rush Coins, an ERC-20 standard token, players can improve and expand their colony, increasing their stake of hashing power in the Hash Rush Mi
ning Farm. Players can also participate in single and multiplayer missions for in-game bonuses that further help them to develop and maintain a more profitable mining colony”

The various cryptocurrencies to earn by gamers while playing Hash Rush game include Ethereum(ETH), Ethereum Classic(ETC), Zcash(ZEC) and Monero(XMR).

Hash Rush is going to lunch an ICO that is billed to start from 20th september, 2017 to 20th October 2017 to raise funds for the game project.

During the main ICO Rush coins(RC) which is an ERC-20 Standard token will be sold to the investors until a cap of 70,000,000 is reached.

According to the company’s version 2.0 whitepaper Hash Rush token(RC) maximum supply and distribution wiil done as follows:

“The total number of tokens distributed will be capped at 70,000,000
. We set the hard cap for the pre-sale and ICO at 70,000 ETH and vaued 1RC = 0.001ETH.
64,050,000 RC,or 91.5%,will be available during the pre-sale and the ICO.

The remaining 5,950,000 RC,or 8.5%,of total coins will be distributed:
• during the marketing and bounty campaign,
• to players for completing missions and for participating in faction goals,
• as in-game bonuses,
• and to private miners who use the Hash Rush Mining Pool”

According to the company’s distribution policy as stated in the whitepaper, Hash rush(RC) Tokens that are not sold during the crowdsale will be automatically frozen and eventually released to the developmental team to enable them make additional content for the game. These unsold tokens will also be used for the building of new versions of the game with tablets and mobile platforms.

Bonuses are also going to be giving to early investors of Hash Rush(RC) Tokens during the main ICO.
These bonuses and the rates according to the company’s updated whitepaper are to be giving as follows;
“• Days 1-3: 20%
• Days 4-6: 15%
• Days 7-9: 10%
• Days 10-12:5%”

Hash Rush has a good management team who together are working hard every day to bring this unique game project to the market. In the team we have experts like Kristaps Vaivods(project lead and Co-founder),Maris Ziedonis(project lead and co-founder), Rafal Nowocien(senior Game Producer), Jethro Naude(Chief Game Economist) Craig Ritchie (Director of Marketing),Jochem Gerritsen(Public Relation Specialist), Kaan Dagkilic(GRAPHIC & Web Designer) and many others that are not mentioned here.

Join the Hash Rush ICO by buying RC Tokens during the presale and main ICO and make huge cash Online. The time is now to own one of the most valuable crypto game tokens of the 21st century.

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