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Ties Network platform is a decentralized blockchain social platform to connect top rated business professionals globally with the speed of light. The platform allows business men and women all over the world to strike great and international deals by locating and hiring business experts online. The platform also promote business projects through the Ethereum smart contract blockchain technology. Ties Network is a social platform based on TIES data base; a public, decentralized, and distributed NoSQL database that allows users to store huge and large amounts of dynamic data. It is an open-source blockchain solution that can be utilized by other DAPPS and decentralized blockchain-related business projects to facilitate their entering into the market and structure large amounts of data.

Ties Network tends to solve the associated problems of inefficiency, insecurity and high cost of business transaction that’s faced by business men and women all over the world.
One powerful advantage of using the Ties Network is the ability to know when human assistance is available and needed. However its genuine rating system is based on actual parties involved in the transaction as only those who can leave reviews and rating.

Ties Network there are certain key features of the platform that are very important that need to be mentioned here.
Ties Network will allow its online users do the following things on the platform;
1. Trade cryptocurrencies
2. Trade goods and services
3. Hire and recruit experts
4. Participate in token generation events and blockchain business projects
5. Receive feedback for startups or token generation events
6. Promote token generation events and network with startups

As more Ethereum blockchain based applications and blockchain projects are emerging on the global market, highly-adaptable and well-structured data storage solutions must be made available to the public. Ties DB is significant to Ties Network as the former provides a solid structure for the social platform to grow exponentially without having to worry about limited storage and retrieving issues. Ties Network intends to derive revenue from advertising on the platform, a tax imposed on escrows held on the platform, and profits from crypto-currency exchanging.The TIE token is required to do transact in the platform, which is highly crucial for its long-term value.

Ties Network satisfies the need of crypto based community to connect and the need to secure P2P business transactions in a new counter-economy.
Any user can upload their project,organization details or profile on Ties Network.
The Ties Network platform can also be used to recruit members of the project team, to create a project wallet to pay team members,or to receive donations. Additionally, online users can negotiate terms of the deal and share valid documents and photos to members of the crypto based community.

Ties Network has decided to lunch an ICO which is billed to start from September 21, 2017,to october 12,2017. 200 Million of TIE tokens will be issued by the company with a total supply issue of 140 million TIE tokens.
Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies will be used as payment methods during the TIE token ICO crowdsale.

Ties Network has a very strong management and advisory team with significant experience in finance and technology. They include people like Alexander Negmark(founder/CEO), Dmitry Kochin(founder/CTO), Anton Filativ(Head of software development), Sergy Mukhanor(Head of product management) and other great names that are not mentioned here.

Please join Ties Network ICO to make huge cash online.

See Ties Network Whitepaper for more information

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