Earn Endless Profit With BlockChain Development Company(BCDC) Token Sales

BlockChain Development Company(BCDC) is one of the latest global decentralised companies online which is poised to solving environmental and social issues with the use of the Blockchain Technology. BCDC main vision is to provide developmental services to different companies through the distributed blockchain Network while concurrently developing their wide range of distributed applications over the Ethereum Network.These services will go a long way to solving issues of inefficiency,trust and fraud among key sectors of the economy such as the Recycling,Renewable Energy, tracking and Provenance industries. The aim is to ensure transparency relationship with their projects and the people supporting their projects.

According to BCDC whitepaper the company’s developmental Master Plan is outlined as follows:

“Our first platform -EcoChain will be developed alongside our RecycleToCoin project. It will use smart contracts and wallet technology to enable YOU – alongside high-level and institutional investors – to invest in and get a financial return from privately financed renewable energy projects. EcoChain has a 6 month Blockchain development timeframe. Whilst EcoChain is developed, we will use traditional crowdfunding models in both FIAT and CRYPTOCURRENCY, as well as a portion of our Token Sale funds to launch a floating solar farm in the UK, accompanied by other renewable energy projects both nationally
and across Europe & the Americas. This will provide proof of concept that the personal, private, digital-wallet to project funding model works.

The second of our concurrent platform projects – RecycleToCoin(operating initially in the UK), will create a voucher-based reward system to encourage the recycling of renewable drinks containers, generating a digital token reward which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ethereum. This project will be the first to market and can be scaled rapidly across the world thanks to partnership with our global reverse vending machine partner. Our aim is to begin reversing damage to the Planet’s oceans and other resources, by incentivising recycling and in turn teaching our children to adopt and use currencies of the future. The project will be up and running in just two month’s time-prior to the launch of our Initial Token Sale. Having a live Blockchain platform at this early stage will prove
our skill-set and ability to deliver.

Once these two projects are live we will simultaneously role out our FoodTrax project alongside open Blockchain development services into forward thinking companies in 11 different industries – enabling these companies to get an advantage on their competitors by utilising tailored blockchain application solutions”

BCDC is planinig to start an ICO from 1st September to 14th November,2017 with the lunch of BCDC Tokens which is the core component of the BCDC projects. BCDC token is mainly designed to ensure security and flexibility over the future implementation of the company’s developmental project. The token is cryptographic in nature and center in the Ethereum Network.
The company has outlined a couple of use cases for leveraging of BCDC Token as stated in their whitepaper;

“EcoChain investors can invest in EcoChain projects using BCDC tokens and consumers of EcoChain projects can pay their leaseback or energy saving with BCDC tokens along with other currencies.

With RecycleToCoin;consumers will get recycling rewards in the form of BCDC tokens or partial BCDC Tokens. These tokens will be available and distributed through reserve tokens”

BCDC has a very powerful Uk based management team that is comprised of managerial and industry experts. This great team include powerful people like Gordon Cowan(CEO),krunal Soni(CTO),Aileen Ogston(CFO),Manoj Dhanak(Backend Developer),Mark Wilson(Chief Digital officer) and Theo Young(PR $ Marketing Adviser)

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