ArenaPlay: Esports Game That Pays To Play Online

ArenaPlay is blockchain Token based economics and MMORPG Headliner Esports game platform that pays players to play online. Arenaplay game is a decentralised online Esport game that is based on the Ethereum blockchain Network.

According to ArenaPlay whitepaper, the company’s vision is to give solution to the following outlined problems:

“- There are only few possibilities to have a payout in current mobile and PC games due to game economics and market restrictions;
– Competitive games have their hype and then they are over, because they don’t create any additional value in long run;
– It is hard or impossible for players to purchase goods due to non-availability to pay due to restrictions caused by impossibility of using CC, fear of fraud from developers and marketplaces, et cetera;
– At eSports platform it is hard for common players to be truly successful, because only few of them win – others are just wasting their time”

Arenaplay is planing to start an ICO for the lunch of Arenaplay Token very soon.

Below is the company’s crowdsale and development Roadmap:

“Crowdsale stage 0 (Platform and game is not ready)
Our initial start, we can start our crowdsale after we announce our investments.
We plan to have 1250 ETH more on this stage and start to get game developers partnerships which games would be published on platform.
Crowdsale stage 1 (Platform and game in prototyp)
After Platform or Complete Game prototype will be ready, we plan to attract real games to our platform combined with our API.
We plan to get 7500 ETH.
Crowdsale stage 2 (Platform and game is ready and going to beta)
After Platform and Full Game will be provided for beta test to real users for beta testing with our game.
We plan to get 70000 ETH more”

According to Arenaplay whitepaper funds raised during the ICO will be used in the following ways:

“Research and Development 60%
Marketing 19%
Bounty campaign 1%
Operations 15%
Legal 5%”

Arenaplay has a very strong and powerful team of management which include 4 developers, 3 artists and 2 managers with very high Ycombinator experience. Some of their top members include Roman Busels(lead Artist/co-founder),Ivan L(lead unity 3d developer), Max Mantur(senior Artist) and Vitaly Vishnevsky(CEO/Co -founder)

Join Arenaplay ICO and enjoy the best blockchain Esport game online.

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