Redesigning The Adult Entertainment Industry with PCORN ICO Online

PCORN Adult Platform is an international Online entertainment platform with the latest software technologies and best global practices. The company runs 2 Adult live services; PORNCORN VIDEO for video streaming AND PCORN MOBILE APP for Android. Thousand of people are using PCORN Video worldwide for Adult entertainment however the company is planning to increase the number of people using the mobile App dramatically. They are also planning to build new services on the platform in order to move Adult Entertainment to a new level. In all these they are going to use blockchain technology for the various platform development and improvements.

The company’s vision is to make Adult entertainment move to a greater height.

This is what the company has to say about PCORN platform in their official online whitepaper;

“We want to make adult production great again! We want adult industry, and porn in particular, to become unbanned, widely recognized as legal, however regulated by adequate act to protect children and any individuals. We want adult entertainment to become free of fraud, annoying ads, scams, hackers and other
threats. We want PCORN services to become reliable, widely known, highly reputed, frequently used. We want PCC coin(token) to become well recognized, practically used, and its price to grow up constantly”

According to the company’s whitepaper a lot of problems have been identified with the use of Adult Entertainment globally;

“ Endless advertising banners everywhere, pop-under pages jumping out suddenly, and some other strange behavior which is really annoying to us, users of content;

 Privacy issues related with usage of adult content. You cannot be quite sure that once you subscribed to a content, your private date will not be disclosed to anyone including government organizations.

 Confidentiality is in danger, since all your payments from bank cards are well recorded in banking systems and payment gateways. You cannot imagine, how it’s easy to find out where you were browsing and what type of content of subscription you were buying.

 Stealing money from bank cards of users. Many of adult web sites are dirty in terms of collecting your bank cards information for the purpose of
desolating your bank accounts. Others adult web sites, which keep your bank card information, get hacked and hackers emptying your bank accounts as well”

To solve the above issues and problems the company has integrated the blockchain technology into the platform to improve it and bring it to the next level of operation.

The company is planning to raise funds for this great project through initial currency offering(ICO) by October through the lunching of PCC Tokens.

The company Roadmap can be seen in the whitepaper as stated below;

The company has a very strong management team with a very wide experience in IT Software development, business development and marketing. The team members include people like Lung(CEO), lexo(CTO) Wong(CCO), Blonde(legal), Iriska(content management), Apper(mobile application) and many others with different experience in their fields.

Join this great PCORN ICO and make huge cash using the blockchain technology online.

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