Smartlands Platform ICO: Making Money With SLT Tokens Online.

Smartlands platform is an online platform for the tokenization of agricultural assests and boosting development of all kinds and size of farms globally.
The Smartlands Platform project concept is based on the Blockchain technological network and the agriculture 3.0 concept.

According to Smartlands platform whitepaper certain issues/problems were outlined as major items that exist with agricultural platforms.

Some of these problems include;
“1. Chaotic, confusing and unclear token issues.
2. Extreame volatility of tokens and no safe haven assests in crypto universe.
3. No comprehensible way to invest into projects in agriculture worldwide.
4 No secure protocol to tokenize assets that leave 9.8 trillion USD market potential untapped.
5 Soaring food demand caused by population growth(to reach 10bln by 2050) that is unlikely to be met with current productivity increase pace”

The company wants to proffer solution to the above problems by providing core ideas which include;

“- Maximal transparency and accountability
– Tokenization of agricultural assests with indepedent high quality legal and business analysis f an agricultural company and assets.
– Risk protection provided by collateral of the assets.
– Standardization of token issues and regulation to protect investor’s interest with rules set by voting and implemented with blockchain technology’

The vision of this great platform is to create a new class of low-risk tokens secured by real highly profitable assets in the Agricultural sector. Also another goal of the platform is to open agricultural markets to the crypto- investors online.

Smartlands platform will start an ICO that begins on september 7, 2017 and will last till November 14, 2017. The company will issue SLT tokens during the Crowdsale. SLT Tokens is an ERC20 – compalaint token issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to Company’s whitepaper;
“Total token supply of SLT will be limited by 250,000 000. Price of 1 SLT is 0.001 ETH. amount to be raised
– Minimal 3500 ETH
– Expected 50,000 ETH
– Maximal 100,000 ETH
Distribution of tokens will be done in the following ways:
1. 125, 000 000 SlT or 50% of the total amount will be sold to participants of the crowdsale. This amount inclunde tokens available during both presale and mainsale.
2. 50, 000 000 SLT or 20% of the total amount will be issued to develop the platform and incentivize key stakesholders, promote the platform and raised early adapters . Subject to lock down periods.
3.50, 000 000 SLT or 20% of the total amount will be provided to the company that creates the platform. Subject to lock down periods of up to 3 years.
4. 25,000 000 SLT or 10% of the total amount will be provided to the team as incentivization and to cover crowdsale preparation expenses. Subject to lock down periods”

Smartlands platform has a very strong and powerful team of experts with great experience in the field of finance, agriculture and the blockchain. Members of the Smartlands team include;
Taras Basistyk- Gaptar(managing Partner of Agricultural operation), Victor Yermak(CTO), Dmytro Ruzhytskyi(buisness development),Andrey Sevryukov(Agtech), Boris Besolyink(chief Agronomist), Daniel Arevalo(lead developer) and many others that are mentioned in the whitepaper.
We want to invite everyone to join Smartlands ICO and make real money online. Hurry to join Smartlands platform now to enjoy great discounts during the crowdsale.

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