Datum Network: Safely Secure Your Valued Data in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Datum network is an Online network project that allows for the decentralized storage of structured data securely on the Ethereum smart contract blockchain.

According to the Datum’s official whitepaper;

“Everyday we create 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data,and 90% of the world’s data today has been created in the last 2 years alone.Data stored grows 4x faster than the world economy and contributes to a substantial shift in economic power and source of economic value. A lot of this data is created by each
individual while browsing the internet,interacting on social networks and shopping online.
This data is owned and stored by large private companies in huge data silos where it is susceptible to
selling,tampering,extraction and other exploitation.The originator of the data mostly loses control over
his data when signing up to various services such as Facebook,Google,Instagram,Snap,Twitter etc.,that
offer free services in exchange for exploitation of a user’s personal data,e.g.Google’s Gmail service
reading your emails and showing targeted ads as a result”

Datum project wants to provide solution to the impending network problems by proposing a Network that will run on the Ethereum blockchain. This decentralized smart contract network will allow online users to take total control of their data; personal/habitual data and Internet of things data.

According to the company official whitepaper, certain keys elements as quoted below are encompassed in this proposed new decentralized network;

“A fast decentralized data store allowing users to store structured data securely running on a smart
​contract blockchain

The DAT token enabling this data storage and sharing

The data marketplace,enabling individuals to monetize their data on their term

Datum leverages BigchainD and IPFS to provide an infinitely scalable,decentralized data storage backend.

Data storage and data sharing is paid for by the DAT token”

Datum Network is to start an initial currency offering(ICO) from 17th October,2017 to 17th November,2017 for crowdsale of DAT Tokens.

According to the company’s official whitepaper there will be total supply of 3,000 000 000 DAT tokens out of which 1530 000 000 will be issued out for sale to investors at a price of 10 000 DAT per 1ETH.

Datum has outlined the different methods of distribution and allocation of DAT tokens. According to the official whitepaper ;

“51% of all minted DAT tokens will be offered for purchase by the public under the ticker symbol DAT.
The crowdsale will take place on 17th October 2017 at 2 PM UTC(GMT+0) and stay open for 30 days or until
the hard cap of 153000 ETH is reached.75000000(75million)DAT Tokens will be offered to selected investors
and the public as part of a Presale starting from 11th August 2017,this represents ~4.9% of the tokens
​for sale.

29% of minted DAT tokens will be held in a reserve by the Datum Genesis Ltd.for community initiatives,
user growth,business development,academic research,and future market expansion.

20% of raised DAT Tokens will be allocated to DAT core developers,founders and advisors over a two year
vesting period as incentive to ensure long term alignments of interest and commitments towards the future
​value of the tokens”

Datum project has a very strong and powerful management team with over 80 years of data systems experience. Over the years they have successfully completed the creation some major data products. Most of their team members are based in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Some of the team members include people like Roger Haenni(Co-founder/CEO), Gebhard Scherrer(Co-founder/Operations) and VcTran(Co-founder/marketing). However there are many more persons in the team which are not mentioned here.

You can see them here.



Join the Datum Network ICO and help secure your valued data in the Ethereum smart contract blockchain.

For further details about Datum Network project check here: https://datum.org/assets/Datum-WhitePaper.pdf

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