DomRaider ICO: Decentralizing Domain Name Auction Business With BlockChain Technology

DomRaider platform is an online domain registration platform that specializes in dropcatching the best expires domain names.
Dropcatching is the process of reserving newly dropped domain names such as .com,.net .org etc and selling them at auction for profit.
DomRaider platform is seeking to create a new domain names auction platform based on the Ethereum smart contract blockchain network. The new auction platform will enable users to dropcatch,buy and later sell these bought domain names at auction using the blockchain technology.
DomRaider company is a french startup that had been in existence and already doing very well in domain name business since 2013. However the company recently saw the need for the development a blockchain solution to their domain names auction market business.

According to Domraider company’s official whitepaper concerning the new blockchain based auction platform, this is what management is quoted as saying;

“We will launch a new, open, decentralized platform that is dedicated to real time
management of any auction, worldwide, whether online or live.
We want to establish the fundamentals of an ecosystem that is accessible to all, with unlimited
functionalities and potential. In effect, everyone will be able to connect in order to sell, bid,
organize an auction or offer a service to the ecosystem.
The functionalities available on our platform will therefore expand progressively and quickly,
as they are more widely adopted by the community and by auction professionals”

DomRaider platform is going to lunch an initial currency offering(ICO) which will start on the 12th of september,2017 and last till 11th October, 2017. During the company’s crowdsale DomRaider token(DRT) wiil be issued out and sold at a certain price. However before the main ICO there is a presale which was billed to start from 8th August, 2017 to 11th of september,2017. The total DRT token supply is 1000 000 000.

According to the company’s official whitepaper;

“The total number of tokens sold during the pre-sale period cannot exceed 75% of the total
number of tokens initially put up for sale by the ICO; that is, a maximum of 262,500,000 tokens.
If the number of requests received during the pre-sale period exceeds this level, requests
will be honored in chronological order in line with the set limit, and the excess orders will be
returned to clients”

DRT token will finance the growth of DomRaider platform and speedly propel its blockchain auction into global scale.

DomRaider has a very strong and powerful management team with a high level of expertise. There 33 team members are spread in different countries of the world with different languages including Chinese, japanese, Russian, English, Spanish, Italian and French. Some members of this great team include people like, Tristan Colombet(CEO),Christopher David(CFO), Vincent Virmersch(CTO) and Damien Henriques(CMO).
However there are other team members which are not mention here but can be seen in the company’s official website.

Join DomRaider company ICO and obtain DomRaider tokens(DRT). DRT tokens can be used to enjoy the services of DomRaider platform and will be equally be traded in any cryptocurrency exchange that has DRT tokens added to it at the current market price of the token.

For further information, visit :
ANN Thread:
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=994327

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