Hydrominer ICO: Maximizing Cryptocurrency Mining Profit With Hydo-Electric Power In the 21st Century.

Hydrominer company is the first global blockchain mining company harnessing hydo-electric power in its operations in the Austrian Alps. This is what is refer as green mining.

From available statistics we have with us, Cryptocurrency mining is known to be a very highly electrically energy intensive operation.
For any cryptocurrency mining operation to be profitable miners require to put into optimal use the latest technology and software equipment in their mining farms.

Hydrominer company is posed in the mining industry to proffer solutions to the above electric energy problem by making use of Hydro-electric power in its mining operations. The company is running its mining rigs in an ecologically friendly manner while putting into consideration its carbon footprint.
By making use of hydro-electric power Hydrominer company ensures a direct line of electricity into its mining equipments. Also with is eco-friendly nature of hydro-electricity combined with more than 85% lower energy costs compared to other regions makes Hydrominer projects are more efficient and more profitable than other competitive mining projects globally.

Located in the Alps region,Hydrominer has few mining rigs already set up and running.
Its main vision is to provide investors a profitable business investment platform and to build trust and assurance with latest information technology tools available. The company’s operation mining policy is to mine different kinds of scalable cryptocurrencies with smart contract algorithm.They will be able to carry out this by acquiring more hydro power plants and also rent out hydro power stations in the Alps and buying GPUS in large numbers.

Hydrominer company wants to lunch an initial currency offering(ICO) which will start with a presale, from 25th september, 2017, for the sale of hydrominer token(H2O) to the public. However the main IC0 will start from 3rd October,2017.

150 000 H2O tokens will be issue out for sale during the presale while 2,500 000 will be sold out during the main crowdsale.

Hydrominer company has a very strong and powerful management team which is very highly experience in cryptocurrency mining operations. Some of the team members include people like Nadine Damblon(CEO), Nicole Damblon(CFO) ,Philip Dimitrov(Chief Marketing Officer) and Alexander Dimitrov(Developer).

Hydrominer Team








Other members of the team can be found in Hydrominer company’s officer website

Join Hydrominer company’s ICO if you really wanted to be involved in the business maximizing cryptocurrency mining profit in the 21st century.





For detail Information about Hydrominer ICO check official compamy’s whitepaper

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