Pally ICO: Revolutionizing The Travelling Industry With The BlockChain Technology

Pally Platform is the first blockchain technology social travel platform in the entire globe that tends to connect travellers with the local people in the various cities of the world.

Pally intend to create cordial relationship among these groups of persons in the travelling industry. Pally argument about the use of the blockchain technology in their platform is to lower traveling fees and also for more of the fees to remain in the hands of the hosts.
By sharing their knowledge to travellers pally will encourage local people to supplement their earnings in the tourist industry.
Pally introduces Pally tokens(PAL) which is the main payment system of the platform. Pally platform allows users to send payment with pally tokens which is an Ethereum based ERC20 Smart contract token.

According to pally official whitepaper several benefits are associated with the use of pally tokens. These include among others;

“1. It allows to provide direction to the currency and to transfer tokens from the pally Reserve fund into user’hands based on stakeholders efforts. For example,as explained in detail inthe section Mining of PAL token are awarded to Pally Miners who fuel the system through bringing in new Pally Adventure hosts,in turn making it more useful and valuable.

2. It allows a higher degree of user autonomy than the centralised travel platforms do, placing user’s needs higher than profitability.

3. It makes it possible to reward Pally Miners who bring in new hosts to the community through a community-driven commodity.

4. The sale of tokens the development team the means necessary to further develop,maintain and market the platform”

There are 3 different ways of earning Pally token using the pally platfrom.

These include;

1. Through the pally social method; this is a means of rewarding through chatting with travellers and assisting them knowing their local environment.

2. Through Pally Adventure method;this is a means of rewarding through guiding adventures. They are rewarded with PAL tokens through the ethereum smart contract and payment is release after confirmation with the system.

3. Through Referral method;users of the pally platform who introduce new hosts are compensated with PAL tokens.

Pally platform is going to start an ICO in October and will last til November, 2017.
The company intends to issue out 60 000 000 PAL tokens during the main crowdsale, however there is a presale which will occur in August, 2017 where Pally will issue 10 000 000 PAL tokens for sale.

According to the Pally official whitepaper the ICO will be conducted in Tiers;

“Tier 1:1 PAL= $0.075(12.5M Tokens to be sold in this tier)

Tier 2:1 PAL = $0.080(12.5 tokens to be sold in this tier)

Tier 3:1 PAL= $0.090(12.5 tokens to be sold in this tier)

Tier 4:1 PAL= $0.100(12.5 tokens to be sold in this tier)”

Pally platform has a very strong and reliable management team with very high international social travel experiences. Members of this great team include people like, Yvonne Ike(Chief financial Advisor),
Arnand Benard( Chief Technology Advisor), Ore Adeyemi( Strategy and Operation Advisor) and Stephen Irvine( Growth Marketing Advisor)

Pally Founding Team

Yvonne Ike

Chief Financial Advisor



Arnaud Benard

Chief Technology Advisor




Ore Adeyemi

Strategy and Operations Advisor




Stephen Irvine

Growth Marketing Advisor



However there are several other members of the team that are not mentioned here but can be seen in the official white paper.

Join Pally ICO and be among the first persons in the globe to revolutionized the social travel industry through the blockchain technology.

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  1. October 8, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    WOW! It could be the fastest ico of this year. I will invest my 30eth.

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