Hirematch ICO: Improving the Jobmarket Place with Ethereum Smart Contract Blockchain

Hirematch platform is the first best decentralized employment or job platform online that makes use of the blockchain technology.
It can be best regarded as a peer to peer or P2P platform where employers can reach employees very fast. The platform makes job recruitment very much possible and very fast on a global scale using the smart contract blockchain.

Hirematch platform was lunched in July, 2017 in california, USA with sole aim of making employment opportunities available to the people globally.

The company’s mission is to revolutionize and improve the job marketplace by reducing cost across the board,increase employee quality and creating a community of like minded people globally. The company also has the internal mission of eliminating third party agencies through Hirematch platform thereby lowering the cost of finding,interviewing and recruiting workers.

Hirematch platform has certain great features that are very unique and interesting.

Some of these features include among others;
1. High level of system flexibility.
2. Provision of incentives to users of the platform.
3. Low transaction charges to users of the platform.
4. Faster job recruitment services.
5. Encouragement of Crowdsourcing and elimination of employment related issues.
6. Provision of Innovative solutions to clients and talent creation.
7. Offering of open source API integration.

Hirematch platform is planing an initial currency offering(ICO) which will start from 1st October, 2017 and last till 31st October, 2017.
During the crowdsale Hirematch token(Hire) will be issued out and sold to the public at a certain price. Also 100 000 000 of Hire tokens will be supply through the blockchain.

According to the company’s official whitepaper distribution of Hire token will be done in the following ways;

“The Hirematch Token initial distribution will be in the form of a presale.

Companies and/or Recruiters will need to acquire (HIRE) in order to access and post job offers to the platform. (HIRE) can be purchased via the HireMatch platform (Indirect Profit Sharing / Buyback) or an exchange.

(HIRE) can be acquired through HireMatch’s website and mobile app, through many crypto-currency markets and from individuals via transfer.

Platform users will have the ability to acquire (HIRE) by sending Ether (“ETH”) to the (HIRE) creation contract on the blockchain during a pre-sale.

Token users will be able to acquire (HIRE) at a reduced rate by sending ETH to the pre sale smart contract address. Those with other cryptocurrencies such as BTC or Ethereum Classic can purchase (HIRE) via a conversion service that will be available on the HireMatch.io web page.

A 5% allocation of (HIRE) tokens will be allotted to the founding team members, subject to a twelve(12) month holding period. These tokens will serve as longterm incentive for the HireMatch founding team and to HireMatch employee”

Hirematch platform has a very strong and powerful team of management with people of different fields. Some of the members of this great team include people like; Armando Pantoja(lead software Engineer,Cofounder), Chad Kettering(Chief marketer, Cofounder), Arash Emami(Technical product Advisor), M.J. Pantoja(Advisor, human Resources Expert) ,Baer Noldus Randstad(Advisor), Matthew Loughran(Midtown West Media, Strategy Advisor) and Adam Tracy(legal Advisor)

Join Hirematch ICO and acquire Hirematch tokens(HIRE) thereby helping to improve the employment market place. This effort will go a long way to creating jobs for the unemployed and making life very meaningful.

For Further Details you are free to visit,
Website: https://hirematch.io/
Whitepaper: https://hirematch.io/docs/hirematch-whitepaper.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2180727.0
Bitcoin Profile link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=994327

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