Valus ICO: Trademarking Business With The Blockchain Smart Contracts Technology.

VALUS platform is an Ethereum smart contract blockchain based platform for checking information about items, websites and stores online to verify if they are genuine or fake. The type of Information checked include company’s trademarks; such as names, logos,date of establishment,website urls and trademarks short description. When all information about an item is cross-checked and entered, the trademark may write the item into the blockchain Network. Trademarks then scan this item and get a unique QR Code which must be recorded on the item box. By this way trademarks can create a safer purchase for customers by verifying websites or retailers that sell genuine items. Customers can then verify these items through the QR Codes to get basic information about these scanned items. In case of buying an item customers can register ownership of them. If these customers are often buying items online they can check if the website they make the purchase is trustworthy. Previous customers can give their past experience of transaction and trademarks can verify that particular website. Customers can also help trademarks to reduce the number of manufactures and stores that do not sell genuine items or products online.

According to VALUS official whitepaper by using the Ethereum smart contract blockchain technology the company would be able to solve an existing problem as quoted below;

“Almost every day we face counterfeit items(fakes). These can be fakes of luxury watches, luxury handbags, jewellery and also many items we daily use in our lives such as sports items.
Companies which make original high-end items lose their reputation and trust among customers
due to people buying counterfeit items.
Many people today also buy these luxury items through various websites which impersonate themselves as sellers of well-known brands. When a customer actually orders such item, the item can be sent to the customer in the original box, and everything looks like it should be, but the item may be counterfeit, and the buyer does not know that.One way to prevent buying a counterfeit would be to check if these websites that offer items are trusted. Today,it is practically impossible to verify this, as trademarks do not offer this solution.
A current option for checking whether the item is genuine, is to go to the store where originals are sold. However, if the item is not an original, a customer may have problems because he deliberately or unintentionally bought the counterfeit through a website or other store.
Major trademarks with the reputation in the market are struggling to reduce these fakes, but counterfeiters find their way over and over again to sell these counterfeit items to customers”

VALUS platform wants to start an initial currency offering(ICO) from 13th October,2017 and will last till 13th November,2017. During the company’s crowdsale, VALUS Tokens(VLS) will be issued and sold to the investors at a certain price. According to the marketing policy of the company early contributors of the crwodsale will be rewarded with a discount. The discount rate will drop every week, starting at 15% and ending with 0% on the last week of the crowdsale. See screen shot below;

After the ICO and subsequent development of VALUS platform customers will be rewarded with VALUS token (VLS) tokens when they take certain positive actions in the platform.

According to the company’s official whitepaper VLS token distribution will be done the following ways below;

“The 51% of tokens will be distributed to the contributors in the crowdsale. The amount of tokens will be known after crowdsale, based on the collected funds. Out of the remaining VLS tokens, 23% will be reserved for future partnership, 18% for the team and 8% go for customers for rewards for ownership,reports for websites and stores”

Major part of the funds raised during the crowdsale will mostly be used for the proper development and growth of the VALUS platform, however the rest of the funds will be used for promotion, legal issues and company’s major operations.
You can have a screen shot of funds distribution below;


Valus platform has a very strong and reliable team of managers who very vast in website design,entreprenuership and blockchain development. Some of the great team members include experts like; Nik Klemenc(founder and CEO), Uros Hrastar(CTO and Frontend developer), Rok Kapusin(Marketing manager),Davor Muc(Blockchain and backed developer), Zan Kozleveav(Design) and Primoz Kocevar(Developer)

Join VALUS platform ICO and help change the quality of e-commerce business online through the Ethereum smart contract technology.

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