Day: October 12, 2017

Tokenza ICO: A Double Edge Sword For Fundraising And Freelancing Business In The Blockchain

Tokenza platform is an Ethereum smart contract blockchain based fundraising and freelancing platform that enable people help fund great ideas and bring powerful and inspiring project to limelight.
It is an online marketplace where people contribute to promising projects by giving money or by offering expertise and freelancing service to others online globally.

Tokenza platform can be said to have the likes of XBTFrelancer or kickstarter platforms, all in the same place; freelancing and fundraising platforms joined together in one solid platform.

Tokenza platform community consist of project owners,project investors and bounty workers. These categories of persons contribute in no small measures to the growth of the Tokenza platform. The project developers create promising projects and bring them to the notice of the investors who then use their idle funds to contribute to the success of the project while the Bounty workers or freelancers work and offer services to the projects owners and get paid for their services. Also investors get new tokens issued by project owners in which they contribute their funds. However another category of persons called curators will be hired to review, audit and rate user generated content and they get paid for their services. This will help the system to be very stable and secured.

The most important issue here is that this great and mighty project is going to use Tokenza tokens(TKX) for payments in all its activities in the online platform.

Tokenza Token(TKX) is an Ethereum smart contract based ER20 token in the decentralized Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

This is a wonderful development to all freelancing workers in the blockchain technology all over the world.
That’s why you need to contribute to or invest in this great and powerful project that will bring you great returns to your life time and to change other lives worldwide.

A large portions of the funds raised during the crowdsale will be used by the company to pull back Tokenza tokens(TKZ) at a particular price. The remaining raised funds will be used to do some other great and important things necessary for this wonderful project to come to a successful completion.
Token platform has also consider the issue of security in their platform.The company said security of the platform cannot be compromised and they have taken all necessary steps to take care of security in the use of the platform.

Tokenza Platform has a very reliable and strong managerial team of great people who are very ready to handle the project to a successful completion. They have two powerful people like, Vincent Fontaine(founder-product & FrontEnd) and Jerome Renard(Founder- Technology and Backend) who are very vast in their different fields of endeavour.

You are free to join Tokenza Platform(ICO) and help develop great projects and freelancing business online globally. You will also profit from the rise in price of the token as the Tokenza token (TKZ) enters major cryptocurrency exchange market and as demand for the token increases.

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