Emphy ICO: An Affordable Lodging Blockchain Platform With Lesser Commission

One popular rhapsody about economic independency is that;

” Don’t give me fish but teach me how to kill fish”:

Emphy platform offers you a tantalizing opportunity that is both affordable and less cumbersome to kill fish per say-make money.

Emphy platform is a decentralized Ethereum smart contract blockchain based lodging ecosystem. It is a business community that is not concentrated in a mono neigborhood, on one hand,and allows landlords and tenants to thus meet and agree on terms in estate rental contracts on the other hand.

Emphy Initial currency offering(ICO) lunches soon.

Significantly, with the adventures and exciting experiences brought about by access to internet and presence of smart phones,young people of this generation can more easily negotiate and conclude a short term rental contract and make payment to their prospective landlords with cryptocurrency during their traveling/touring and spree/expenditure. The above system will both build and promote trust among the parties concerned and expand the tourism industry.

Emphy is to lunch an initial currency offering(ICO) which will start from 7th October,2017and last till 5th November,2017. During the crowdsale 100,000,00 Emphycoins will be issued out. You can see a screen shot of  the distribution below;



The Emphy team Vision

Emphy platform has a very strong and power team members managing the project. Some of their members include people like Dmitri Nogin(CEO/Co-founder), Aleksander Kormiltsyn(Senior Developer) Ilya Lissoboi(Senior Developer), Igor Ursina(Business Developer), Oleg Kuznetsor(Frondend Developer) and Pavel Kalabin(Backend Developer)

One major priority of the team is to establish a decentralized platform for short term rents as a means of creating income for Emphycoins owners. The economic benefits of this process cannot be overemphasized because its value and functionality is stable. Also attractive about Emphy platform is that the prospective landlords is prevaileged to link the rent price to the most attractive currencies like the US Dollar, the British pounds, Euro etc.

By and large it is our dream that once the Emphy contracts hits 1000 per day the Emphy coin value and stability is heightened. Also noteworthy is the fact that the driving force for the circulation of the Emphy coin is dependent on tourist and travellers. To that effect therefore, the company shall provide the turnover of Emphy coin from now to its kickoff target by June, 2018.

Another major issue faced by short term rental market is that property owners hardly publish full details about their property and as such guests are always disappointed at arrival. Ideally then this platform shall employ both technical and technological means to create transparency in the system.

The company has a road map they intend  to follow for the successful completion of the project. You can have a screen shot of Emphy  Road below;



As this ecosystem promises to raised the technology and process of renting the short-term rental market, it is prudent therefore to embark on this platform for its innovations,openness and convenience. It is sure to grow rapidly above other existing and competing platforms

Join Emphy platform ICO and benefit from the lesser commission offered by this lodging platform online.

Emphy Website: https://emphy.io

Emphy Whitepaper:  https://emphy.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Emphy_Whitepaper_eng_v1_0.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2147509

Emphy Twitter link: https://twitter.com/EmphyOfficial

Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=994327

ETH wallet: 0x1B8f0cB0970CbB165D58ADaAe7682929D5CB68D1




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