Providence ICO: The First CashLess Blockchain Based Casino On Globe.

Providence Casino is the first 100% cashless blockchain technology based casino in the world operating purely with cryptocurrencies.

Providence casino intends to create a conducive environment usually desire by casino’s customers; buildings will be used for dancing and music, as well as gambling activities.

Nowadays, casino gaming business has permitted popular culture, from cinema to technology and more. Tv shows have also been inspired by casino, with contestants relying on the outcome of a spinning wheel. gambling on the hidden contents of secretes boxes in deal or no deal.

Casinos are most commonly built near or combined with hotels, restaurant, retails, shopping, cruise shop or other tourist attractions. Providence casino is built with all these mentioned above so that any gaming player does not know where they are sited, when coming to the hotel or the restaurant, will be aware that gambling and other games are going on there. Online gambling is presently the highest industry in terms of profitability on the globe.

Due to so many avid players and gamblers all over the world sports betting and online casinos website are receiving thousands, if not millions of visitors each day. And add the number of people who really don’t have experience of playing in actual casino or real physical sports-books and now would like to take a shot in online gambling websites.

Internet-based gaming are undoubtedly coming to surpass conventional offline gaming fast in terms of the number of avid gamblers and the amount of money put on the table.

Some the basic reasons why providence online gaming is more beneficial than the offline gaming are

1 .Providence casino online gambling offers a lot more bonuses to avid players,

2. Providence casino provides convenience of playing wherever you are as long as you can connect to the internet and pay with cryptocurrency which is not easily obtainable in any other casino in the world.
However some of the players are against this, they prefer going into physical casino, sit with other players also entertain themselves with drinks and other things as they are playing the game. That is why providence have also create a physical casino for these categories of people that is within the country.

3. Providence online gambling offers you more flexible and diverse type of playing platform. If you find yourself not wining in certain type of game, you may always switch to other game rooms or tables quite easily without moving an inch from your cozy seat.

So providence casino is working with both offline and online, but mostly online gaming because it is more profitable to the player and it is not restricted to people within the country but to every part of the countries. Providence also applies a decentralized anonymous trust for gaming industry which can be achieved through blockchain technology. The adoption of this blockchain technology will help in bringing down some of the risks and fraud in the physical casino which is one of the objective of providence casino.

Providence casino permits the players to work into any of the physical casinos and exchange their cryptocurrency which is the providence tokens(PVE) for casino chips , and use it to play any of the casino games of their choice.
For providence to be able to function as a cashless platform, the blockchain technology payment ecosystem will be introduce into every retail outlet in the casino, including the restaurants and others. Every revenue generated by these retails outlets will be save in fiat at a rate pegged to the current currency rates.

Providence Casino will start a Pre-token sale on 4th October 2017 and ends on 18th of October, 2017 which will last for 14 days. The bonus of 35% will be applied to the amount of token bought and the minimum contribution amount is 5 ETH.The main-token crowdsale will start on November 2017 (exact date to be announced) and end by 30 days after the starting date. The minimum contribution amount is 0.05ETH and 600 PVE token will be bought for 1ETH

Join Providence ICO the greatest record breaking gaming platform and benefit from its 100% cashless feature.

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