How To Predict The Price Of Cryptocurrency With PeerGuess Platform And Make Huge Profit.

Peerguess platform is an Ethereum smart contract blockchain based price ticker platform where users can guess or predict the future price of cryptocurrency and earn Gems tokens online. For instance if the present price of a one Ethereum is $360, users of the platform will be able to predict or guess if the price of Ethereum will be higher or lower than $360 after 24hours. Peerguess game will be very simple and easy to play.,after a user have set the amount of Gems that he or she wants to play with, he or she will click the upward and downward button on the platform to play. Apart from playing games Peerguess platform will allow serious users to train with Gems. These demo reports can be compared with real world data. These reports however, will later be analysed by the platform to provide sophisticated reports, results and opportunities for great profits. The company’s vision is to replace all cryptocurrency  ticket and portfolio platforms with peerguess platform which will provide not just the common and general features of cryptocurrency but also a game for users to play even though they never own any cryptocurrency.We should remember that all these great features of peerguess platform will be provided free of charge for the ICO investors depending on their investment amount.

Peerguess  wants to lunch an initial currency offering(ICO) which will start from 28th October,2017 and last till November, 2017. During the crowdsale the company will issue out 120 000 000 GUESS token from a total non re-issuable 200 000 000 GUESS token to the public. Guess tokens are Ethereum  based ERC20 token at its basic form. There will be discount  for early investors of the ICO.

According to the company’s official whitepaper the price table set for the ICO period is as follows;

“ICO Week 1st 2,500 GUESS Token/ 1 ETH (with 100% bonus)
ICO Week 2nd 2,000 GUESS Token/ 1 ETH (with 60% bonus)
ICO Week 3rd 1,500 GUESS Token/ 1 ETH (with 20% bonus)
ICO Week 4th 1,250 GUESS Token/1 ETH”

Funds raised during the crowdsale will be used further for development of Peerguess project as well as paying for the maintenance costs of infrastructure. The company will also use part of the funds to maintain a digital user acquisition team to attract more users to the platform from the global community because the project relies entirely on the number of people actually using the platform.

Peergues platform has a very strong and reliable managerial team with years of experience in the mobile gaming business. Most of the company’s co-founders are currently employed by the most successful mobile game development companies. Presently Peerguess is partnering with CDN software solution PVT LTD, India for application  development to secure a more stable development platform. Most of the team members have  wide experience and knowledge about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Some of the team members include people like Levent Kurt(Co-founder),Seyit Ozgur(Co-founder),Mert Cavdar(Community manager), Nebi Senol Yilmaz(Information security), Jaya Gehani(Project manager), Mangesh Vigas(Developer),Kapil Prajapati(Engineer), U bhash Paidar(UIX Designer), Dexter Kwak(Gamification Advisor), Murat Hatipoglu(Network Security Advisor),Jian Jolly(Technical Advisor) and Ebru Kurt(legal Advisor).

Join Peerguess platform ICO and enjoy the great benefits associated with the platform and make huge profits online.

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