The Genesis Vision: An Initiative To Cater For The Financial Challenges Of Investors.

We inform to transform and not to deform. A crucial problem that limits the functionality of many investors is lack of information- hence without information, the success of any financial orginaization is stiffled. The above mentioned problem is further compounded when there is lact of transparency and trust among those at the helm of affairs of any industry.

Fundamentally therefore, the Genesis vision Token(GVT) establishes an automated yet absolutely transparent system for both investment and profit distribution.

The objective of Genesis vision Token

There seems to be an organic relationship between investors and Brokers. Whereas Investors do not trade directly from the market, instead they transfer their funds to licensed and experience traders to manage their funds, these traders and brokers- companies who carry out brokerages activism by employing the by employing the financial instruments of the investors.

The Genesis vision seeks to integrate these two inevitable factors of trade. They function as integrals to each other.

Noteworthy about Genesis Vision is that the spirit of monopoly is downplayed from the part of the investor as well as the broker because of the existentialism of decentralization. The platform is open for all prospective investors and Brokers.

Methodology of Integration into Genesis Trading platform

It is not an exaggeration to state that it is simple to connect to the Genesis vision network. To  enroll therefore, the Broker needs to install an integration plug-in to his personal training platform, once that is done, the integration shall perform the remaining functions electronically. It is exceedingly ideal to clarify all interested clients that the establishment of a mobile -web application is necessary as a pre-function to interact with this platform. The aforementioned will predisposed you to investors and managers for the next line of action.

On the other hand, the connection scheme for an investor to connect a Broker is also simple: simply hook-up to the Genesis vision software- it is free of charge.

Certainty and Surety of the Genesis Vision

A brief history of the co-founder of Genesis vision project shall nonetheless acts as an eye opener to clear any iota of doubt if there exit any, about the functionality and workability of the the project. For instance the chief Executive officer(CEO) of Genesis vision is Kamenskiy- a seasoned software developer with over seven years of experience. What makes Kamenskiy renounced is the saint Peterburg’s stock exchange market and the financial brokers company. He is both the software developer and HFT strategy implementer.

It is plausible to state here that Dmitry Nazarov, a proficient software developer attached to various international financial institutions is a cofounder of the Genesis vision. Among Dmitry credits are his achievements with the international Atomic Energy Agency( as a development consultant) and the Uk Brokerage company etc

Alexey Kutsenko, the CFO of Tools for Brokers was attracted to Genesis vision after one year of its operatives- and eventful award of Hack Russian “Finance and Blockchain”


With the aforementioned crack team , the planned development goals of GVT  is sure to receive more success.

Why, still hesitant to invest with the Genesis vision! Avail yourself of this awesome opportunity to rid off your financial challenges.

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