Make Huge Profits With TerraMiner Crypto Mining Farm

Terraminer is a real high powered cryptocurrency  farm which will be physically located in Suaguan , China. The Suaguan , China location will allow for the cutting down of maintenance cost. It also allow for quick repairs and replacement of equipment component. The company is going to do real cryptocurreny mining business to make profit for its investors because they already have the experience with an existing Altcoin farm which is growing at a quick rate.Terraminer company will solve the following problems associated with cryptocurrency mining;high generation and discharge of heat,noise, rent,high cost of electricity bills and 24/7 of equipment monitoring Everyone can become an investor of Terraminer instead of becoming a miner who makes an input in development of one powerful farm. It’s high time to sell your domestic farms and be among the first investors of Terraminer crypto investors. Terraminer will open up an opportunity for everyone to mine cryptocurrency without leaving the comfort of  his home. The company’s mining equipment will be founded on A4+ Chips which together with PC1-E boards will supply 4.0mh/s power instead of the standard 1.6mh/s .

Terraminer wants to lunch an initial currency offering(ICO) which will start on 1st september,2017 and last till 1st November,2017. Total amount of Terramier tokens(TRM) they planned to release is 3,024 000.

Pre ICO will start on the 1st of september,2017 and ends on the 1st of October,2017 with the release of 504,000 TRM tokens.The pre ICO  token price is 1TRM=$2.8. which is the cost price of component parts and the assembly of the first ASIC miners’ batch.

The main ICO will start on the 1st of October and ends on the 1st of November,2017 with the release of 2,320 000 TRM tokens.The main ICO token price is 1TRM=$5 which is the cost price of the second ASIC miners’ batch, the rental fees,the premise preparation costs,the cost of installment and lunch of equipments.

However there will be a post sale which will on the 1st of November,2017 and ends 1st December,2017 wth the release of 200,000 TRM tokens.The post ICO price is 1TRM=$8.4 which is the sale cost for the ready capacity 1TRM= 1mh/s of mining equipment power.Profit made by the company will be shared 50/50

After the project lunch TerramineR (TRM) tokens will be placed on cryptocurrency exchange. Every month 10% of founders profit will go to buy out TRM tokens in order to provide a possibility for fake owners to exit the mining desired as well as to create deficit and increase TRM rate.

Terraminer has a very strong and powerful team members who are very vast in the cryptocurrency and mining business.These mining experts include great people like Pavel Kuzneco who is the founder and chief Executive officer of the company, Russian Sharamet; Engineer and software developer,Igo Koyde; chief hardware programmer,Stanislav Shamenko; IT specialist and programer, Ivan Melikhov, Denis Novakovskiy and Mikail Gireev; system Administrator.

Please join Terraminer ICO and become one of the pioneer investors who is going to reap from the huge profits that will come this great mining business.

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