Storiqa ICO:Bridging Buyers And Sellers Gap Globally With The Blockchain Technology

     Storiqa platform is a smart contract Ethereum blockchain platform created for buyers and sellers to do business transactions globally. The mission of Storiqa platform is to create an enabling environment for users of the platform to create a personal online shop and get technical support with wasting their time and energy which will draw them away from producing the right quality of goods and services.
The storiqa Ethereum smart contract blockchain implementation makes the financial transactions more secure,safe and fast. It enable payments to made with cryptocurrencies which is a welcome development for the e-commerce industry.
 The blockchain is a great technology and amazingly its huge financial benefits cannot be over emphasize. The basic essence and definition of its platform and structure is the solid foundation for which storiqa platform has defined its blockchain framework through the use e-commerce processes.
The basic essence and definition of store ownership and business to consumers is relatively the synergy that storiqa provides and thus by its market framework and token provision is built on the functionality of growing and proving the essential usefulness of storiqa token coins holders through the decentralized storiqa platform.
Thus, the dynamic nature and pattern storiqa has developed and defined its approach and application is sequentially built on creating functional business for all forms of e-commerce business to grow and thrive. It defines the sequence of crypto-curriencies on the process of modeling a structure for which proper market place analysis is done. Data definition and analysis which aid market process growth is worked on and subsequently predefined for all token store holders on the Storiqa platform. This enhances the benefits of been a holder of storiqa tokens.
Storiqa plans to carry out an initial currency offering which will start from 25th October,2017 and will last till 25th December,2017.
During the crowdsale a fixed amount of Storiqa(STQ) tokens which limited by a hard cap for 8 weeks will be issued. Distribution of Storiqa tokens will be carry out through the smart contract. STQ is an Ethereum ERC20 based token. There will be special bonuses for investors;
Funds raised during the ICO will be used to lunch the Storiqa platform,integrate the token and finance the promotion and marketing process.
Storiqa project has a very strong and successful team members who have participated in other successful ICOs. They include people like Ruslan Tugushev who is the chief executive officer and founder of Storiqa project, Evgeny Gavrilin; a cofounder and primary investor of of storiqa, Nadiyi Charkasova; is the project consultant and early investor, Sergei Fedrino;e-commerce project delopment consultant and Maxim Tadevosyan; an international marketing consultant.
Join the Storiqa ICO by purchasing Storiqa tokens and benefit from this great global platform that is set to create a revolution in the e-commerce industry.The benefits of Storiqa platform is moribound. and it would change lives in the 21th century. A trial will convince you!

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