Day: October 20, 2017

Atlant ICO: Paving Way For Real Estate Development with Blockchain Technology.

     Atlant platform is  a smart contract Ethereum blockchain technology  based real estate  platform.
The platform is being developed as an open source framework with respect to both P2P network rentals and asset tokenized assets, which continue to operate and trade on ethereum smart contract networks, independent of platform contributors and developers. ATLANT will provides a clean UI, utilizing an EVM contract under the hood. In addition, the Atlant token (ATL) will be traded in centralized digital asset exchange as well as the decentralized exchange.The platform is based on Atlant blockchain technology using crypto currency financing for capital growth instead of the traditional venture capital and shareholders. Atlant tokens can be used as coins, certificates, IOUs, game credits, currency for services, and others have no value but work hard to change this aspect by developing various services for ATL to create a token request and hopefully increase that value. Atlant vision is to empower the trillion global estate market and to seek for a more transparent and liquid way to invest and trade. The platform also seeks to help subdivide individual parcels of real estate into tokens and subsequently property Token Offering(PTO) and eventually list them on cryptocurrency exchange starting with the decentralized ADEX exchange based on Ethereum smart contract. The addition of real estate on the Ethereum distributed ledger using the blockchain technology will help streamline the manually intensive practise of examinig public records when validating titles in real estate transactions.The Atlant project also seek to address both short and long term real estate rental markets by lowering fees using decentralized conflict resolution.

Atlant want to lunch an initial currency offering(ICO) which will start from 1st August ,2017 and will last till 7th October,2017. The total supply of Atlant (ATL) tokens will be limited to 375,000,000 where 315,000,000 will be issued during the ICO period, and 5,625,000 are allocated for pre-sales, and the remainder left to the team, the Board of Directors, the advisor.Check the details below;

ATLANT Token Details:
Pre ICO: August 1, 2017
Pre-ICO exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1010 ATL – Total ATL Token: 5,625,000
ICO: September 7, 2017.
Exchange rate for ICO: 1 ETH = 505 ATL -Total ATL Token: 315,000,000

The token issued by ATLANT is a token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The design follows a widely adopted token implementation standard. This allows token holders to easily store and manage their ATL tokens using existing solutions including Wallet Ethereum.Asset ownership or lease agreements are secured by blockchain technology, which provides decentralized data storage.Real estate assets are respected and freely traded on the exchange of digital assets, ensuring transparency and price discovery.Investments are denominated in a shareable token, allowing users to diversify their asset holdings and invest with a modest portfolio size.Buyers and sellers can trade property tokens without causing substantial price changes in assets.Overhead is eliminated and the user pays a much lower commission on both the purchase and rental transactions processed through smart contracts.Completion of transactions and assessments confirmed on blockchain and can not be changed after made to eliminate disputes and improve the efficiency of the real estate market.

Atlant has a very strong and managerial of team of members with very records of success. Below is screen shots of the team who is paving way for the success of Atlant project.

Join Atlant Platform ICO and enjoy the great benefits of using the Ethereum smart contract blockchain technology in the Real Estate business. You can also trade Atlant tokens on a centralized or decentralized exchange and make real money online. A trial will convince you.

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