Car Taxi ICO: The Premier Ground- Breaking Software Towing Introduction.

One thing is sure, you definitely don’t want to share the fate of our dear friend up there, and if you have already in time past, you will not fancy getting a repetition of that scene. Having to tow a car is not a fun-filled activity especially when you have to do it the traditional way. By traditional I mean searching or calling a tow van/crane owner to come to your location and do justice to your car.

But thanks be unto CarTaxi for their technological innovation which will make this blood-sucking process gone for good.


CarTaxi is a logistics platform for evacuating and transporting cars that integrates all tow trucks in a single application. It is a global mobile solution based synergistically on geolocation and blockchain + smart contract technologies. Oh yeah I know, the last two sentences are filled with big words.

To put it in a simple language, CarTaxi is a software which creates a platform to connect persons who need their cars to be towed from one spot to another and persons whose job it is to tow cars that need such services.
This connection happens by the use of cell phones.
See for extensive explanations of this platform

The use of cell phones here does not mean anyone will be making phone calls, rather a person who needs his car transferred will indicate by using the app (which he must have downloaded from Playstore or iOS store) and the app will spot his location using a geolocation system built in the app. The software will then connect him with the nearest tow crane driver around who has the app and has registered with CarTaxi online.

At the end of the deal, a fee is charged subject to certain factors like the size of the car and the distance covered. The company CarTaxi only receives a commission of about 10-20% of the amount charged.

Trust me, that’s just it. You can further check on them using their Facebook page at or their Twitter handle at

Aside from the surface reasons such as convenience and speed, other compelling reasons will cajole you to subscribe to CarTaxi. These reasons are
1. In case of an accident to your car while in transit by a tow crane on the CarTaxi platform, the company saves you the stress of a legal battle to get compensation by accepting any liability that may arise.
2. CarTaxi is the first and leading online blockchain tow platform in major countries like Russia, the United States and China. These and many more reasons which you will see on will clear your doubt of investing in CarTaxi.

Tokens will also be used as a means of payment for the service, along with crypto-currencies such as bitcoin and ether. The symbol of the CarTaxi token is CTX.

Cartaxi will offer 500,000,000 Cartaxi tokens (66%) in two tiers; pre-ICO and ICO. Pre-ICO tokens will be sold with 45% discount starting from 30th August, 2017 to 19th September, 2017.
ICO will be sold starting from 29th September, 2017 to 29th October, 2017.
For the pre-ICO, 1 CTX= O.OOO239 ETH or $0.072. 1 ETH= 4101 CTX. On the other hand, for the ICO 1 CTX= 0.000443 ETH or $0.133. 1 ETH= 2255 CTX

The beautiful brains behind this package will make you know that you are in safe hands to participate in this dream of changing the world. These persons are;
1. Taras Semenor: He is the CEO of CarTaxi with more than 15 years in business and strategic consulting.
2. Gala Kovaleva: She is the Chief Financial Officer of the company. She has an avalanche of specialist experience in financial services.
3. Alexey Tayanchin, the CIO of CarTaxi who is highly experienced in both back-end and front-end development. He’s been on the CarTaxi project since 2016
4. Reneta Aripova, the Project Manager who is a specialist in strategic branding. She has also been on the CarTaxi project since 2016
5. Nicholas Amoako who is in charge of Front-End and highly experienced.
6. Vihtori Mallat, the blockchain developer of CarTaxi with over 5 years experience in software engineering.
7. Vivien Andzuana, the Quality Assurance engineer of CarTaxi.
8. Prince Ntim, the International Community Coordinator.
9. Japhet Zoogah.

The towing industry market is on the increase. The US market alone is worth $6 billion with an annual growth of 2.5%. China’s market is twice the value of the US’ and experts have even estimated the global market to be worth more than $26 billion with a growth rate of about 3-5% yearly.

CarTaxi has the goal of conquering the global towing market by controlling over 80% of the market by the year 2020. You can be a part and beneficiary of this fruitful vision if only you subscribe to the platform by investing and investing fast since most of the token have been bought already. Hurry, for “TIME IS MONEY”

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