LesCoin ICO: Ethereum Blockchain Based Timber Investment Fund Online.

Lescoin Dao Platform is the only investment fund platform based on smart contract Ethereum ERC20 blockchain that allows the investors to receive dividends from a timber enterprising firm in Russia.  The company is an international wood and logging business. It promise to provide investors with stable profits from the demand of their products globally. Lescoin high profits comes from their adoption of modern technology of logging and reforestation. At the company’s plantation they make use of Tranogenic(TG) seeds of coniferous trees supplied by Monsanto Biocorp; a USA based industrial supplier of TG seeds. TG seeds have a unique parameters of growth and adaptability to climate conditions.The company have gained a strong competitive advantage by the introduction of biotechnology in this business in Russia.They are proud to claim that Lescoin is the only company in the market that is capable of growing TG trees. The investment fund DAO LSC will enable the company to raise the volume of timber planting and harvesting without harming the environment. The company’s major buyer are Chinese furniture companies however there are other importers of the company’s wood products globally. The decentralized Autonomous organization DAO LSC which is based on Ethereum blockchain allows its investors to purchase LSC tokens in form of micro shares, to anonymously own and trade LSC tokens in exchange and also receive dividends from the company profits. The platform will also allow participants to oversee the process of production, logging and woodworking as well as control the trade operations of the company through the Blockchain.

Lescoin platform wants to lunch an initial currency offering(ICO) which start from September,2017 and last till December,2017. During the Pre crowdsale which will start from september,2017 to October, 200,000 LSC tokens will be offered to the public investors. Investors will receive 100% bonus in the first week of the pre sale. The pre sale aims to raise no less than $500,000 to blockchain development.  The main ICO which is billed for November to December 2017, 1.8 million LSC will be released to the public. The main ICO aims to raise no less than $15 million to lunch a profitable timber enterprise.However after the completion of the ICO there will be a buyback of LSC for $100. This will start 12 months after the ICO.

Lescoin DAO has a very strong and most reliable team of managers of different fields that are capable of managing the ICO to a successful completion and during the buyback period.Together they strengthened all key aspects of the projects, production,finance, marketing and web development. Some of these great leaders include experts like Ivan Gridin, an entrepreneur and crypto investor. Until 2015, Ivan led the business in the retail sector of Lescoin and also developed the startup of 3D printing for mass market. Svyatoslav Yakimov is another member of the team who is a programmer and blockchain developer with ten years experience . Also a solidity developer and winner of blockchain hackathons. Iskander Bakhtizim is the company programmer and web developer who specializes in smart contract programming on Ethereum. He also took part in teh development of amo CRM ,Russian;s leading CRM system.Denis Shavalear is the chief marketer of the company with five years of marketing experience. Vadim Nurimanov; marketer and SMM expert and Guzd Sakaeva ; web designer and illustration.








Join Lescoin DAO ICO and be one the pioneer investors in this great timber and logging business of the 21st century. You can also own LSC tokens and trade them in cryptocurrency exchange.

Join this great team and make huge cash online.

For further inquiry and information visit,

Official Website:https://lescoin.io

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