Day: October 24, 2017

Hearthy ICO: Subscribe To A High Quality Health Care With Minimal Funds

Health they say is wealth! Many healthcare organizations placed emphasis on finances.Hence a good number of those suffering from one health issue or the other are denied the opportunity of having access to sustainable healthcare delivery. It is also apt to indicate that the widespread of world population has to a large extent created another challenge to many healthcare programmes.

Hearthy- An Answer to our health Issues:

Hearthy is a healthcare delivery programmes initiated by esteemed medical practitioners. The organizational structure is a blockchain based ecosystem. So outstanding about Hearthy ecosystem is that it decreases the financial burdens of patients and rather empowers them. Also noteworthy is that the subscription is through an automated agent- this bespeak the wide-range of its coverage- it is not limited to one particular currency nor to a secluded priviledged few individuals. Our objective is to bridge up the vacuum between health care professionals and patients. Hence , the provider is a hospital , health care professional, healthcare system and an insurance company. From the foregoing it could be deduced that the provider will only create a node and ask users to access. Once a user consents, the  provider can thus access the patients’ data so as to render a specific service. Noteworthy about healthy is that the most important element of this healthcare platform is the patients, so varying options are juxtaposed during the registration- a process that utilized biometric identification only. We mentioned at the onset that hearthy empowers patients, to that direction therefore once a patient is registered, a small amount of token is given him as a reward to promote his/her engagement.Consequently this decentralized healthcare ecosystem can only be access by prospective admirers through an app/dapp: Hearthy co. Our confidence in the workability  and success of this project is nevertheless something to ponder over. For instance, we have big names such as Alex B,Ferrin(Developer),Diama D. Renoso(Lead Designer) etc – these have made invasive imputs in diverse fields of medical arena and digital fields.

Hearthy wants to lunch an initial currency offering(ICO). The ICO will be developed in two phases; presale and main ICO. Presale will start from 15th October,2017 and last till 15th November,2017 while the main ICO will be opened in December,2017 as soon as the presale ends. According to the company whitepaper a maximum number of 109 923 077 Hearthy(HER) tokens will be created, however unsold tokens after the ICO will not be minted. Hearthy co will distribute HER tokens with the following structure; presale participants 7.91%,Early ICO participants 10.01%, Early ICO participants 14.33%, ICO participants 27.29%, foundation 23.00%, advisors 10.00% and bounties program 2.00%.

The funds raised during the ICO will be transferred to the Hearthy foundation to help fund the development of the ecosystem.

It is therefore imperative that you avail yourself of this once and for all time life opportunity and rid off incessant complaints of ill-health.

Join Hearthy ICO and be part of this great innovation in the medical field.

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