Sudan Gold ICO: An Innovative Way To Mine Gold With The Blockchain.

Sudan Gold is the world’s earliest blockchain Alternative for gold mining project’s. The organization goal is to set a high-technological and lucrative gold-mining company in Sudan. The analysis region is roughly 8017.8 Km2 and the research area is situated within a place of promising gold mineralization potentiality zone.GS multi Activities CO. LTD financing is going to be increased by issuing and suggesting the Ethereum based Teams throughout the ICO. The mining centers in Sudan is going to be handled from the audited Dubai firm – SG mining Co.. The decentralized gold exchange enables the use of SGC token as the primary currency for buying gold expressed from the any mining business and cross-sale involving the gold buyers/sellers, banking and other clients. 5O % of the net earnings of  sudan Gold mining co made from gold mining and purchase will be used to buy  sudan Gold coin(SGC) from market holders and creation of the decentralized gold market. The exceptional mixture of genuine gold mining company and an incorporated decentralized market will ensure the steady development of the nominal cost.The organization is in the point of constructing a contemporary gold mining plant in Sudan using blockchain technology seamlessly incorporated into the manufacturing chain. The token value is going to be guaranteed using actual gold and connected into the blockchain mobile program which is going to be calculating the future market cost, thus assisting you in making the most efficient fiscal choices. If this gold mining plant is set into operation and following the beginning of gold mining, then a more constant buyout of these tokens begins. This will encourage a continuous price rise and ensure considerable return on your investments. SGC is a groundbreaking coin in cryptocurrency marketplace whose worth is backed by actual strength (cryptocredit in golden). This is a brand new age of e-commerce once the value of an entirely virtual advantage is rigidly tied to the burden of Real gold.

Sudan Gold will lunch ICO on the 8th of October,2017 and will last till November,2017.


  • You join project by purchasing tokens (1 token = 0.75$ – 1$)
  • Tokens start circulating on exchange with price tied to gold (10 tokens = 0.5g of gold)
  • Gold-mining plant is established
  • Plant generates gold. The token to gold ratio increases (10 tokens = 1g, 2g, 3g …. of gold)
  • Tokens purchased from the market (1 token = 4$, 8$, 12$) or exchanged to real gold
  • Banks and miners and traders join the decentralised exchange
  • Decentralized exchange on blockchain technology is opened
  • Revenue is secured with gold

Sudan Gold has a very strong and powerful team of managers who have experience in their various fields. This strong team members include people like Dmitrii Konoval (CEO/founder SGC), Yuriy Mochonyy(COO/Co-founder of SGC), Igor Grigorenko(project manager),Fahd el Saleh(SG financing), Mohammed Ali(Head of Geological Department), Elhadi Mohammed(lead Mining Engineer and mining consultant), Hakim Badawi Murghani Mohammed(Geologist Engineer) and Klalid Ali Mohamed(Senior Geologist).

Join Sudan Gold ICO and make money partnering with the most reliable mining company

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