Day: October 29, 2017

PayperEx ICO: The World’s Premier Alternative Share Market Based On Blockchain

Introduction:Have you ever thought about buying shares from firms situated in another continent from yours? What are the obvious reasons that might limit you if you were to take such a bold step? Let me guess, distance, difference in currencies, complexity of the stock exchange market, blah blahblah… But hey, I’ve got good news for you which will make all these roadblocks steppingstones, I’ve got the PayperEx news for you.AN INTRODUCTION TO PAYPEREX:         PayperEx is an online platform which aims at achieving trading in the shares market, but this time not the traditional stock exchange market of your country but online.PayperEx has the vision of becoming the world’s premier alternative share market that is based on blockchain technology. You can find out more by checking up Many factors were observed as delimiting hindrances to people participating in their local shares market. These reasons range from the fear of risk, to the fear of trust in these share market traders, insufficient finances to carry out the expensive process of shares marketing locally, geographical constraints, etc.These propelled the brainchild behind establishing a decentralized share market. The usage of blockchain technology will make the network secure and transparent. PayperEx are shares-based units on financial instruments such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, etc. and private companies that will issue their shares on the PayperEx network. For every underlying asset, PayperEx will issue a limited quantity of Paypers.Two categories of Paypers will be issued during this process and they are;THE BULL PAYPERS and THE BEAR PAYPERS. Here comes the succinct explanation. The BULL Paypers will be available for purchase for those who think the value of the underlying asset will rise. On the reverse, the BEAR Payper is for those fellow who think that the price of the asset in contemplation will fall.Hurray!! The influence of  cryptocurrencies in the world’s trade system has made the PayperEx network resolve to issue ‘Bitcoin Paypers’ as the first Paypers.THE TOKEN: The company’s new coin called the PAX will be issued in order to let the crowd participate in the project and to become members of the PayperEx network. The only token used on the PayperEx network shall be the PAX token. This action is prompted by several correct rationales such as,low entry price to buy Paypers, the ability to trade on upward and downward trends.its unique fee structure ,Its Private Wallet system. You can see the further a dumbrations on these rationales by logging unto .ThePayperEx network further makes the platform even more secure, private, and exciting by the introduction of its Peer-to-Peer technology (P2P for short). This service is a decentralized platform where two individuals interact directly with one another. ‘Interact’ here involves trading of PAX. REASONS TO SUBSCRIBE TO PAYPEREX: The PayperEx network will be available 24/7,A user-friendly platform ,Mobile app for easy access to the network The network is designed to work for persons all over the world without geographical interference.The usage of modern blockchain tech that will facilitate network security and transparency.SOME UNIQUE PLATFORM FEATURES THAT WILL MAKE YOU INVEST: The PAX Private Wallet, Buy/Sell order book, Future orders. THE VALUE OF THE PAX AND ITS WORTH ON SALE: The initial value of 1 PAX during the crowdsale is 0.00002 Bitcoin. Therefore, 1 Bitcoin equals 50,000 PAX (during the presale period, 1 Bitcoin will be equal to 65,000 PAX, 30% more than during the token-sale period).THE PAX CROWDSALE PAX will be issued only during the crowdsale (Pre-Sale and Token Sale). The sale will last for 120 days from the 21st August 2017 to the 19th of December, 2017. Once completed, no further token tokens will be generated. The PAX distribution follows as thus:A maximum of 6,200,000,000 PAX tokens will be generated. A maximum of 4,000,000,000 PAX tokens will be sold during the crowdsale.The price of 1 PAX during the crowdsale is fixed at 0.00002 Bitcoin. The maximum purchase quantity at the pre-sale is 1,000 PAX, but at the token stage it shall be 100 PAX.The pre-sale will run until all tokens are sold for a maximum of 30 days.A maximum of 4,000,000,000 PAX will be sold during the pre-sale, any remaining tokens will be sold during the main token sales time at the respective main token sales price. A maximum of 1,200,000,000 PAX tokens will be given out for free as Extra PAX during the pre-sale (according to the Extra PAX Model) any remaining token will be cancelled.THE BRILLIANT TEAM BEHIND PAYPEREX: Yaniv Baruch- the Co-Founder Menahen Maya: Co-Founder Denis Rohlinsky: Full-Stack Developer NoaPistokzi: Graphic Designer Natalia German: Business Data Analyst,Dror Shem-Tov: Product ManagerTal Miller: Chief Adviser. CONCLUSION “First never follows”. PayperEx is the first of its kind; a trail-blazer in its fashion and any other which may follow will only end as imitation. The golden opportunity is being presented to you on a platter of diamond for you to not just be a part, but also a beneficial to this realistic vision. This you can only do by buying as many of our tokens while they last. Do not be told twice!!

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