CryptoNetix ICO: Crypto Asset Management Through BlockChain Technology

The blockchain industry has expanded steadily in recent months, reflecting recent interest in the crypto currency market. For some newcomers, the blockchain market is technically diverse, but for a full-time investor, this is the best investment in the right direction as it offers tremendous opportunities and prospects for the investor and every other person in the business chain. The blockchain industry offers more business and opens new doors to investment than ever before and has become a major online market that dominates in the 21st century. Asset management, good market analysis, financing and reliable information are key factors influencing the crypto currency market as a whole. Analysts generally fail to consider all the necessary elements to advise experts and investors in the blockchain industry, as most chart patterns are based on sketchy paper analysis. In an effort to come up with a veritable platform that can provide important information about the day-to-day events and future values ​​of the crypto foreign exchange market, Cryptonetix platform was build. One of the main goals of this platform, is the creation of web-based and mobile applications for managing, investing, trading and learning about the crypto-currency space without stress or high costs. The Cryptonetix platform will remain the industry leader by working for and with the Cryptonetix investor and client community to implement an accelerated improvement program. The platform uses Ethereum Blockchain platform technology to manage its upcoming asset management service. Ethereum is a decentralized platform that enables smart contracts and distributed applications. The development team of this concept has considered the Ethereum Blockchain platform for various reasons, including transaction times, ease of use of programming and tokens, among others. It has the benefit of mature wallets already developed, strong community support, and effective wallet security and usability through the Ethereum Blockchain platform. In addition to the above reasons for choosing the Ethereum Blockchain platform, the platform has been widely accepted by the ICO and crypto currency markets. Cryptonetix platform is optimistic that the Etheruem Blockchain platform has enjoyed tremendous popularity and acceptance in the cryptocurrency industry and will last for a long time. There is also the advantage of broad acceptance via blockchain exchanges, smart contracts, and support for ICO projects with the Ethereum Blockchain platform as benefits. The aim of Cryptonetix platform is to provide the most up-to-date technology established on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, which means that the Cryptonetix token will be issued through the platform. The platform becomes a blockchain-based service. The entire architecture would like to be built using multiple technology models, with the initial product rollout comprising a web, application, caching, and database tier. Therefore cloud network and application layer security want to be integrated into this platform. With a well-coordinated web and Internet connection system that enables users to achieve better full-back in the event of a network downtime, the cryptonetix platform will be better off in the not-too-distant future for the cryptocurrency industry. The platform will use the dashboard for viewing investment openings. The Custom Funding feature offers fund managers the opportunity to create new funds on the Cryptonetix platform so that investors can subscribe to the various mutual funds offered. or annual payouts in different currencies.

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