Medcredits ICO: Bringing Medical Care Closer To The People.

INTRODUCTION:One major achievement brought about by the computer- age is the introduction of smartphone. Through it,people can communicate both in writing and photographically instantaneously.. It has globalized the world to a single village. Medcredits is a medical platform that strategically build to aid medical services from medical practitioners to patients.

THE OBJECTIVES OF MEDCREDITS: This provision is to serve as a foundation of decentralized global electronic health record system. The platform provides instantaneous medical care to any individual in need irrespective of what he/she is -in any part of the world. It is truely a globalization of medicine. Above all the organization promises to optimize the productivity and imputs of physicians on one hand and drastically  reduce health cost on the otherhand. For instance,there has always been a cost disparity in the medical industry created by what is professionally known as medical tourism(patients travelling overseas to embark on medical service). Thus with medcredits patients shall be connected to physicians at another geographical location without personally travelling. Thus medcredits reduce cost and at the same time create competitive market for high quality medical service.

ADVANTAGES: For one, as a decentralized platform, medcredits shall give patients the access to quality healthcare at a reduced cost. Besides, modified financial   laws are prepared to accomodate digital currencies, this will serve as incentives for both patients and doctors. Noteworthy about medcredits is reduction of emergency room visits(ER). It is apt to include here that medcredits employs MEDX as the token for transmitting payment in this platform. This of course is of additional advantage because it is secured at both the Ethereum and digital platforms for smooth interchange.

PROTOCOL OF DESIGN: As an infant organisation, medcredits shall not affect all aspects of the medical community at its initial kickoff. This however may sound dissatisfied to some entusiastic prospective subscribers. In any case without an attempt to bogcut protocols,medcredits method of development is silmultaneous, ranging from Allegy/Immulogy to cardiology etc. From the foregoing, it could be deduced that medcredits reputability is something to reckon with, as it intends to introduce a value system that incentivized good actors and penalize bad ones. Such mechanism is put in place to evaluate users excesses-thereby protecting users from malicioous activity. Hence after receiving a dianos from a doctor,the patient rate the doctor, the patient can rate the doctor’s performance for quality assurance.

THE MEDCREDITS TEAM: Just as the rhapsody goes; the quantity of food is adjudged by the quantity of peels, the quality and statues of Medcredits co-founder is enough to accept their claims-ranging from their certification to their clinical achievements. Big names such as James Todaro M, Ryan Cody, Moshe Prava, Paul Horvath are all illustrious both in the medical field as well as cybersecurity and cryptography. Consequently,it is highly recommended that patients should cease this rare opportunity by susbcribing to the medcredits platform since it lowers the cost of the of medical care, it is convenient and at the same time gives patients the opportunity to control their health. Above all patients shall have access and control  to their medical records. Medcredits is the answer to health  challenges !

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