ARToken By Cappasity ICO: An Innovative Decentralized AR VR Ecosystem 3D Content Experience.

 INTRODUCTION: The emergence of Cappasity platform,unarguably a top tech in the entertainment industry shall add luster to virtuality. Such certainty is not groundless or reckless-the basis for this strong belief is clearly supported by two major trends namely: immersion and participation.

AR AND VR DEFINED: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is a hardware that juxtaposed sounds and images in the entertainment industry. It is indeed a tremendous success of contemporary technology. It is predicted that AR/VR will not limit its tentacles on entertainment solely, but shall also affect other areas like: gaming industry, live events, theme parks, moves and Tv programs. Additionally, it has the potential to reshape the main tools used for conferencing systems. By and large AR/VR is ranked the most innovative platform in 2017 as it gives users the opportunity to view live events in virtual reality-an immersive experience indeed. They have also partnered with CNN,FOX sports HBr/GB. Spectators watch live matches as though they are there in person.

MODE OF SUBSCRIPTION: Users and consumers of AR/VR content can subscribe through various applications developed by the content creator. This is prudent because they designed the needed infrastructure and tool kits of the software that is most compatible with the hardware of the platform.

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF CAPPASITY: Several attempts has been registered by various big market participants to lunch VR hardware all to no avail as a result un-compelling content. In the words of Krik Soderquist; “content is the fuel that launch every successful technological product, a robust  content is key to moving the AR/VR industry forward”, to that end, Cappasity is equiped with quality content and services. Not to downplay is the value of any technology intensive industry,segments such as infrastructure,tools and platforms-users can only value it if all the said segments are developed and optimized,Cappasity AR/VR is meeting up with these.However marketers that sell original contents inevitably have issues with copyrights laws because there are no automated monitoring system database. By and large Cappasity has establish a system to protect authorship through a complaints system that helps to detect and remove infringing contents.This envisioned solution naturally meets the demands of copyrights laws.

THE FORM OF CURRENCY USED IN CAPPASITY: One major step that facilitate transaction flow among the parties in AR/VR is digital currency.The prudence of this step cannot be overemphasized as it will help to globalized the ecosystem and straighten complexities in money transferals.This,too is a springboard to boost the platform. Also advantageous digital currency is that it knows no state borders. Digital currency is perfect for consumers to consumate economic transactions. Thus than adopting an existing cryptocurrency such as bitcoin,Ethereum etc it created a native ecosystem utility token. The said shall allow consumers o the content to pay with the token approved by the content developer.

CONCLUSION: Cappasity as an organization takes it as a challenge to decentralize AR/VR ecosystem as a step towards addressing the ever growing demand for AR/VR and 3D content. The above achievable by Cappasity through the establishment of cooperative model. Content makers are faced with lack of convenient tools both for creation and distribution -Cappasity promises to eliminate that. It is also obvious that Cappasity platform is compatible with AR/VR devices to empower content creators with enormous tools. Thus both content creators and users can benefit since they’ll all have access to a broad range of 3D content. Consequently with appreciative hearts we warmly embrace this once for a life time opportunity without hesitance. This decentralized ecosystem is truly a turning point, a catalyst for AR/VR/3D content admirers-we are all hereby introduced to an era of success.

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