GatCoin ICO: BlockChain Merchandize Revitalized Platform.

The GATCOIN Platform is an Ethereum Blockchain platform that allows traders to spend their own tokens as a means of dealing in the marketplace without chauvinism. The GAT system will allow traders to deliver MERCHANTS TOKENS to a mass audience with a negligible setup, giving them access to the use of the tokens as part of their overall marketing strategies. The GAT system has the advantage of merchants who have a wallet in the form of a mobile token wallet, a shopping platform and a payment method. When the crypto-currency concept was first introduced, some onlookers and bystanders concluded without the fact that the essence was to cheat innocent members of the public of some people’s exaggeration and interest. This claim was confirmed by so many; Discourage others who are interested in the market to participate, thus one of the biggest challenges facing the market, especially in the heat of unfriendly regulations by the government of some countries, to deter the crypto foreign exchange market, to the next level of expansion move. A few years later, industry grew so much that the government trying to stop it became part of it in a dramatic turnaround. The market is currently home to more and more participants and investors, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Almost everything is traded and exchanges about the Blockchain technologically mediated mechanisms. The cryptocurrency is a niche for itself and the participants are like the day to make various inventions to improve the system and make it better for future generations and for non-members who are interested in the market. Challenges the crypto-currency market faces are the different means of exchange. Traders trade on various platforms with the help of cryptographic coins, but research has shown that most of these coins are not accepted and, even if accepted, do not last long in the market. As a result, the crypto-currency market aims to expand the way stock exchanges are initiated and cemented, but there is no recognizable platform for using coins in the 21st-century reality of trading. I have been part of the market and share the enthusiasm of other participants about the need to have an acceptable transaction medium without restrictions. My curiosity prompted me to use various tools to properly participate in the market, and how a twinkle star redirected me to a platform that laboriously manages to meet these challenges and make the system better. The platform, , is a new revolution in the cryptocurrency market. There is also the GAT Marketplace, which enables traders to enter and sell products with trader tokens. The GAT Exchange is a token exchange for the sale and purpose of dealer tokens with GAT coins, while the GAT network deals with private consortia networks of super fast super-ledger books on which private labels are calculated. To give a graphic representation of the platform, the following model gives an insight into the functionality of the platform.
In addition to other projects described by the developers of this platform, the Forum is determined to give each participant a consumerist start by returning rewards to the users who participate in the coin’s merchandise in order to have a better front. and Exchange in the crypto-world. To enable participants to participate in the project, GATCOIN is issuing ICO to help distribute MERCHANTS TOKENS to investors and users of the crypto-currency market. 100, 000, 000 GATCOINS are in total with a hood of about 35, 870, 370 USD. The pre-sale will begin on October 28, 2017 and end on November 28, 2017. 1 GATCOIN for 66, 666, 666 ETH will go to $ 0.20.
For first-hand information on the functionality of the platform, click https: // and download the White Paper. To get the best information about the platform, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the contents of the whitepaper.
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