Health Nexus ICO: Providing Reliable Health Care With The Blockchain Technology.

Health Nexus is a blockchain-based technology cryptocurrency platform dedicated to creating a safe, reliable and health-focused environment that ensures health and safety compliance.
It aims to promote the transformation of healthcare to a value-based care system, regardless of clinical orientation. The platform is the first 21st-century protocol of this type, which has been approved with HPAA conformance validators to be self-supporting with a transaction currency. The protocol evaluates the value-add system proposed by this platform and removes all barriers to its introduction in the health industry. It will no longer be looking at “quality versus quantity”, but financial risk reduction will lead to better health care across the globe. Health Nexus is a dual protocol that uses blockchain technology to enhance transactions, identification and intelligent contracts. That’s very interesting, right? The token used in the Health Nexus platform is HEALTH CASH, which means that each participant, including healthcare providers, issuers, and other organizations wishing to access the data or Smart Contract on the platform, must have the token.  You can get all the technical information of this great project by downloading the White Paper at Healthcare and patient maintenance is one of the most important aspects of human entrepreneurship. Mankind since time immemorial seeks different models to better the healthcare industry because of the mammoth benefits of industry and paraphernalia in the overall survival of man on planet Earth. The primitive man had relied on the technicalities of nature to solve his health problems, while modern man invented technological and scientific tools on a daily basis to make the system better, more affordable, and more accessible. Research has shown that humanity, in addition to basic food, clothing and shelter, wants to live in good conditions to cement the old axiom “health is wealth”.
Although healthcare providers around the world claim to provide the best health services, the truth remains that the world is experiencing or rather saying a negative shift in the healthcare paradigm due to the centralized nature of our health care system. Health system due to the lack of a suitable data system of the patient that supports analysis, interpretation and experimentation. Analysts believe that the affordability and convenience of the healthcare system is reserved specifically for the wealthy and privileged. The middle class and the poor have no place in the priorities of provision and access to health care, therefore a major concern for most of the future thinkers and a curse of investor interest. In fact, in America, the attention of health has shifted to the aging generation, as mortality has risen steadily in the last decade compared to previous records.
The social security system has also failed to address the need to create a simpler system of health care so that the masses have access to affordable health care in their neighborhood without the usual rigorous process.

In order to achieve the platform’s roadmap and allow participants to participate in this cryptocurrency ecosystem, the platform releases ICO to enable others to contribute to the development of the industry. The currency of the platform ,HEALTH CASH(HLTH) is issued in the form of a presale. Once the system comes to life, the money is donated to the buyer’s account and made available in your purse. The crowdfund duration is 60 days with a $ 40 million headcap, while the total number of HLTHs created is 200,000,000. The developers of the platform are working to tackle certain graal areas associated with the crowdsale in order to achieve the goal. The date of the pre-sale and sale will be forwarded to the investors and the intended participants via the social media channels.






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