Casagram ICO: Social Media Taken To Another Level

It was once believed that the world has ends which one could fall off from if you got there. Later development in science made us understand that there is no such thing. Instead, the world is a big infinite body which has a lot of complexities that communication with someone in another part of the earth was near impossible.Years later, this belief gets to be debunked by the introduction of computers and cell phones which has made the world closer than it was thought to be. This issue got to its climax when social networks were brought onboard and they really made the world a global village.The trending social network giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are all great but they are myopic to certain extents. They possess a lot of features which an average young person does not want, but they just can’t leave it sequel to certain factors. Casagram is the answer to modern yearnings for a better social network. Welcome!

AN INTRODUCTION TO CASAGRAM:Casagram is a social network app combined with a messenger that meets all functions of current messengers and includes additional features such as multi-videoconference or a payment function. Furthermore, the user has a news wall, which keeps him up to date of latest trend and news from any area like sports, technology, lifestyle, politics, gaming etc. The friends list looks like a street map of your neighborhood, consisting of your friends, family and contacts. Another feature is the blackboard, where the user and his friends can share articles from the trend feed or their own personal feed. At the marketplace user can join discussions or follow artists or persons or can just create their own groups or content. All these areas or menus: neighborhood, news wall, marketplace and your main menu are separate, and switching between them and using them is easy and intuitive. Users  can  choose  between entering  the  “public  places”  (marketplace,  trend  feed)  anonymously or with real profile. They can obviously decide whether public visibility is enabled or not. These are all creative and unique packages which promise to be outstanding.In addition to what has been written so far, Casagram has an additional edge over every existing social network by means of its trading feature. Yeah you heard that right, you can trade on Casagram like you just entered some mall while still holding your phone and having fun. The currency that will be used for this set of activities will be the Casacoin(CAC for short).

THE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKET AND ITS CHALLENGES: The social media market is one of the highest finance-generating markets globally. This fact can easily be confirmed as the owner of the world’s leading social media; Facebook, is amongst the top 10 richest men in the world. This goes to say that if any new social network can beat Facebook in the nearest future, that establishment will be richer than some countries’ government. Based on statistics, some of the big fishes in the business are going down gradually due to their flaws. Take for instance, the average user’s age on Facebook increased to over 40 a few months ago, which means that many young people are dumping Facebook for other networks like Whatsapp and YouTube. Chiefly amongst many of the reasons that can be given is Facebook’s bold step in the wrong direction to separate the Messenger from Facebook. Others include the fact that the privacy of users is not protected, the users’ data are meddled with excessively, and many others.Despite these shortcomings, many young people are cajoled to stick around with these social media platforms. When an intensive research was carried out in form of an interactive session, majority admitted that they are compelled to stay behind because of their friends who are still there.

THE WAY FORWARD: Casagram is coming in grand style to settle these issues and many more. How?

  1. Casagram is in to introduce the new blockchain technology based on smart contract to ensure transparency in its system.
  2. Casagram promises to deliver high function, increased privacy and data safety unlike many existing social network.
  3. Casagram is out for the youths and very young people since they are the next generation and not some 40 years and above age group concentration.
  4. Casagram has features which will make young people love it, like its customizable theme, the structure of the network and many more.

THE CASAGRAM TOKEN AND ITS SALE ON ICO: The Casacoins are the official tokens to be employed for all transaction purpose on the Casagram. The total amount of Casacoins will be limited to 100,000,000. The total amount and hard cap for the ICO is set to 60% or 60,000,000 and for Kickstarter the amount is 39.5% or 399,500,000 .So the main part 99.5% can circulate on the free market .The rest 500,000 remains for the Bounty campaign (120,000) and for the team (380,000). The crowdsale starts on November 15 and ends on December 15 2017. This ICO is different to others as contributors not will just receive Casacoins for their contribution, but also special bonuses, fulfilling tiers. More information about the allocation of special bonuses can be found on the company’s whitepaper at

Other basic details about the ICO crowdsale are;

Casacoins total amount: 100,000,000

ICO supply and hard cap: 60,000,000

Minimum cap ICO: 1,500 ETH or equivalent =


Minimum cap Kickstarter: 115,000 $

Minimum contribution amount: 0.01 ETH or equivalent

Minimum BTC contribution amount: 0.2 BTC

CONCLUSION: It just can’t get any better than this. Investing in this platform today could prove a whole lot tomorrow when Casagram is being launched. Will it not be great for you in the future to both be on the social media and at the same time earn from the platform’s profit? Take that shot now, buy Casacoins.

For further Detail about the ICO please visit;

Official Website:

Official Whitepaper:

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