MyWish ICO: We Make Crypto Assets Safe And Convenient.

MYWISH is a platform that will help manage funds in various life circumstances, such as in the case of lifelong annunities , marriages, contracts, deaths, or loss of key for the wallet.

This platform allows creating and executing the rules for distribution of funds using smart contracts and decentralized environment for calling them.

MYWISH is a mobile application and a website where anyone can easily create a smart contract and manages it.

MYWISH has the simplest contract that consist of three (3) parts;
° Wallet (source ),
° Conditions,
° And wallet (destination).
The condition determines when the transfer of funds must be done.

Smart contract is a special computer software on the block chain that will be executed by a network of computers.
Smart contracts are the key to unlock the world, where any computer oriented task can be performed completely and correctly, without fear of external manipulation or imitation.

MYWISH…Making Contract Really Smart for Life.

MYWISH platform donot only create last will contracts for ETH owners, but also for other cryptocurrencies.
This platform is a complete solution to life contract cycle from its creation to its completion.

Wish token is the fuel required for the platform to function. Contract can’t be created without the token (WISH). After receiving the payment in the form of wish token, part of the funds remains in MYWISH platform for subsequent payments within the Joule system and for paying to third- party developers for their contracts. The other part is exchanged for ETH to pay for gas for the creation of contracts.

• Project oriented on creating smart contracts
• The ones dedicated to solving a certain real world problem e.g crypto assets inheritance.
• MYWISH also helps in the implementation of contracts library for various life a situations, not only wills.
• MYWISH is based on Ethereum platform and does not require integration with eternal resources, such as exchanges or wallets (coin base).

∆ You get 30% discount during the first 14.5% of total tokens.
∆ You get 20% discount during the 2nd 14.5% of total tokens.
∆ You get 10% discount during the 3rd 14.5% of total tokens.

MYWISH has implemented a system , named, Joule that allows calling contrct s using a decentralized solution.
That’s why MYWISH makes using crypto assets safe and convenient.

This platform was created toi eliminate challenges like
° A smart contract without an external invocation.
° By making all smart contracts less expensive.
° Absence if smart contracts using Bitcoin.
° Technical complexity of creating smart contracts.

The platform is open to outside developers who I can also add their contracts to the growing expository.
MYWISH takes care of all other actions, such as verification of contracts, configuration, launch, and execution.

Using smart contract technology allows you not to have any problems working with services that may have too much authorities to manage the accounts or assets stored in their system, that allows them to freeze accounts and cancel transactions.

Also, using smart contract technology, it becomes available to all who can use it in a fully automated, independent way which writes these tasks down directly to the block chain.

MYWISH excludes the possibilities of closing bank or financial institutions and changing, selecting transactions, and also ensures that each payment will be made exactly as indicated , without any risk of misuse or malicious interference.

MYWISH…Making the best out of the people.

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