Peculium- Your Sure Way Of Preparing For The Future.

 Since 2009 when the first cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin, was brought on, the cryptoeconomy has been waxing great numerically as many more cryptos have been introduced into the world of virtual money. Almost everybody, if not all, on the market has been concerned with trading and earning on the cryptomarket but only few think of saving ahead of a rainy day in the future. As it is said, save money and money will save you. Some will not appreciate how much of a great deal that saying is true until they save small amounts and soon build up to a large amount that will prove immensely useful in the future.

If real cash can be saved in the bank, then what happens to the wealth amassed form the crypto world of virtual money? Is there any reliable financial institution that is into crypto savings? No there isn’t, but there is an already laid down plan to establish the first capable crypto savings platform. Its name is Peculium. See for more, but here’s a tip of the iceberg.


PECULIUM is a revolutionary savings platform that seamlessly integrates the power of Automated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AML-AI), Blockchain Technology (Ethereum), and the economics of traditional savings and cryptocurrency markets. PECULIUM originates from the Latin word “pecul”, which literally means “a sum of money saved for the future”. PECULIUM is out primarily to ensure that the culture and habit of saving is being practiced and the benefits showered on participants. PECULIUM is dedicated to ensure that it injects its experience and high tech into the platform to bring maximum utility to market participants/users. Also, its package is suitable for both individuals and companies as it comes with a variety of crypto-asset management products for individual users and institutions. Check out for a colorful whitepaper clarification on this matter.

PECULIUM team brings twenty years of experience in automated machine learning in the form of its financial advisor “AIΞVE” (Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Values, and Equilibrium). PECULIUM AML AIΞVE utilizes a de-facto mastered risk management algorithm to intelligently diversify and continually optimize investments to achieve the lowest risk-to-benefit ratio.  Based on statistics, PECULIUM is the first savings management platform to take advantage of the blockchain technology. PECULIUM revolutionizes savings management by deploying immutable Smart-Contracts over Ethereum blockchain.

THE MARKET AND ITS CHALLENGES :The cryptomarket is very vast despite its short period of existence as it is on record that the global cryptocurrency market capitalization is approximately $150 billion USD. That is one hell of an amount which demands some of it to be saved in safe hands. Is it just me, or you are really thinking of what I am thinking already? Oh yeah I know, the deal is going to be a bomb and the majority of the saving sector will be “stolen” by PECULIUM upon its existence.

According to the World Bank, global savings have shown consistent growth in recent decades. In year 2015, the evaluation of global traditional savings was approximately 19,000 billion USD. Compared to the colossal size of the global market for traditional savings, the cryptocurrency market is very much undervalued. Considering the groundbreaking utility and global nature of blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency market presents a tremendous untapped potential for growth. To even make it juicer, as per April 2017, estimates had it that over 11.5 million wallets are estimated to be active.

PECULIUM’S UNIQUE ELIXIR: Peculium is stepping in with grand style to solve all the problems above, and even more. To solve the issue of transparency/security in this sector, PECULIUM platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain technology which is developed on smart contracts. Blockchain is a form of digital ledger, which is stored in a decentralized fashion. It contains all the transactions over the network secured by a cryptographic function. Decentralized storage and cryptographic encryption makes the digital ledger it immutable. Although encrypted, the transactions over the blockchain are completely transparent.

On the issue of predictability and reliability, Peculium has got it covered. This they have done by developing an advisor-  AIΞVE which is designed to continuously learn from analysis of the massive amounts of historical information as well as current events. Also, using Automated Machine Learning (AML) AIΞVE is able to gain superior insights into the trends to crown it all, PECULIUM offers asset-management solutions with pre-defined terms in the form of a smart-contracts. How better can it just get if not like this?

ICO STRUCTURE: The details about the ICO sale are displayed on the page below.

In addition to the info displayed above, it is worth knowing that 20, 000, 000, 000 PCL will be the total supply of tokens provided for the campaign.  This campaign will occur in several tiers

  • Private sale will start on Nov 1st, 2017 till the 22nd of November, 2017
  • PreICO sales will last for only 5 hours(12 am- 5am GMT) on the 27th of November, 2017
  • ICO phase will start on the 28th of November 2017 and end on the 19th of January 2018.
  • CCO offering is scheduled from March until end of July 2018.

See for further elucidations.

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  1. Hopeofbetter
    November 8, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Very good project – it’s very rare to see this kind of new Age projects. Well done guys!

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