Day: November 10, 2017

LiveEdu ICO: Online Global Education With Blockchain Technology Breakthrough.

Introduction: Online education has of recent become one of the many methods of learning that is effective for beginners. By and large despite the high influx experienced in this area, there is definite lack of a platform of similitude for learners above the beginners stage. For crying out loud,there is more than enough interest so far discovered as willing to acquire real practical projects. To respond to the same need, LiveEdu has made plans to establish the world’s largest project- base learning library. This of course is going to be a decentralized online learning ecosystem. This essay shall focus on the following: Online education and LiveEdu,The aims of online education, Advantages of education- base on online, Benefits of(project- base learning) LiveEdu

Online education And LiveEdu: This is a live streaming and video tutorial learning platform in which the contents of is curriculum are practical-oriented. The platform is dual -dimensional namely: premium and non premium tutorial projects. Our concern however is on premium since it’s the only tokenized and monetized one. Above all it is educational narrative and teaching oriented. It is available in live stream, archive and uploaded videos. In any case, there is a growing about why the platform is tokenized. Ideally Tokenization will cater for the finances needed to build the content library faster so as to facilitate the business.

The Aims of LiveEdu: As stated earlier, LiveEdu is organize for beginners. Frankly,our aims are build within our reach,we are not too excited about competing with other online learning platform so far from it-our aim, focus on curriculum  practical tutorial projects. The target audience are those above the beginners stage. Below are some of our stated aims as contained in our terms of reference: Uses only project base learning,Uses practical tutorial projects,Enable learners to learn how to build a completed project.,Interactive-question and answer chat in real live situations.It is decentralized,uses peer to peer method.  This five bullet point connects streamers(content creators on one hand and viewers(learners on the other hand. Significantly therefore,the immediate achieveable business objective behind the aforesaid aims is far the crowdsale to build 31500 premium projects for each of its topics. Thus these college students will be exposed to cryptocurrency enlightenment-on blockchain; Bitcoin,Ethereum etc

Advantages of LiveEdu and Online- base Learning: Many a time, students and professionals nurse the dream of building real products. This goal is hardly achieved overtime because of lack of the needed technical skills in terms of programming game development,data analytical virtual reality,artificial intelligence etc. This is the exact problem solved by LiveEdu. Hence with the aid of practical tutorials, learners are taught on how to build real products. Consequently with LiveEdu, learners acquire the technical skills to: Watch and learn how to build complete products, Watch sessions live or as archive videos,Download videos and projects files to practice with,Get instant answers to questions through interactive live chat,Improve their job market skills and make more money.

Benefits of LiveEdu: All users will be assigned Edu wallet and token amount to kick-off. The Edu tokens will replace fiat payments.

Conclusion: The technical implementation of the LiveEdu  smart contract is no way a cause for alarm because the ecosystem is organized and setup by experienced experts on blockchain and ICO initiators.  Let us seize this grand opportunity for a better tomorrow.

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