Day: November 15, 2017

Fortknoxster- The World’s Apex Solution To Cyber Crime

All thanks to the internet and whoever made it, life is so easy now. Virtually every part of human endeavor has been ameliorated by its existence and all we need do is just come online and carryout activities that would have required us leaving our comfort zones in time past. Not to be sarcastic, but even illegal and fraudulent actions are now carried out from the chill spot of these bad guys. I’m talking about online robbery in form of hacking accounts, defamation of personalities in form of using people’s account to post discourteous images and videos and so on.What cyber attackers and bullies do is shocking! I remember when I once worked in a school as an academic staff and starting from one day, my boss’ Facebook account was hacked repeatedly by some “genius” and a plethora of porno was flooded on her page. Imagine parents of students who are friends with her on Facebook seeing those images and motion pictures.  Yeah I know, it’s awkward! To help my boss and somebody like her who suffers cyber attacks every 10 seconds is the reason for FortKnoxster’s existence. Want to see more, check out

AN OVERVIEW OF FORTKNOXSTER: FortKnoxster is a cyber-security company, specialized in developing secure and encrypted communication solutions. The company has developed a unique encryption platform, which is primarily aimed at the B2C market. The platform comes as an E-a-a-S solution (Encryption-as-a-Service) to solve the global tribulation of cyber crime. Trust me, that’s not too easy to understand especially when you are not an expert on the IT field. But if you click here, it all becomes clear. FortKnoxster has been designed with a unique architecture and features, which enables everybody to use our platform for all their communications and data-storage needs. FortKnoxster is here to ensure that communications and data are protected from cyber-criminals, and at the same time maintain a very high level of privacy. FortKnoxster can be used by anyone at any time, regardless of you being on a laptop/desktop or on-the-go with your smartphone or tablet. To assure you how vicious and prepared FortKnoxster is against cyber criminals, The FortKnoxster platform has been penetration tested by a range of good (and bad) hackers and “cypherpunks” worldwide -and has “passed its exam”, as nobody has managed to compromise the platform in any way or access any end-to-end encrypted accounts or content.   If you are super curious like I was earlier, you can have a feel of FortKnoxster on a demo capacity at

COOL FEATURES OF FORTKNOXSTER THAT WILL MAKE YOU BOW: Just imagine FortKnoxster as being a mix of all our favorite (unsecure) everyday apps like Skype, Slack, Telegram, Dropbox, Facetime, Gmail etc. -all gathered in one top secure platform with the highest privacy you can achieve. That’s just what it is. It’s not like some tower-guiding software that just prevents virus and hackers; it is a social platform on its own where the following can be done without anyone snooping around your privacy;

  • Inbox
  • Distributed File Storage
  • Chat
  • Calling
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Conference/Group Calling
  • Screen Sharing
  • Voice Messages and many more.

Here is a sample of what the FortKnoxster dashboard looks like when you are on;

That’s not even all. FortKnoxster also has a mobile app to be launched and this app can be downloaded from iOS and Playstore. Watch out.

HOW THE FORTKNOXSTER PLATFORM IS SCHEDULED TO OPERATE: Simply put, by implementing its packages using the blockchain technology that is based on smart contracts. “Why blockchain?” is the next question that pops up in the mind. The reason is not farfetched. In a simple sentence, Blockchain solves the problem of manipulation”. It facilitates complex transparency, speed, low cost of access,

In a diagrammatic form, this is what FortKnoxster’s operation is.

 TOKEN SALE:  The FortKnoxster token (FKX) will be used for purchasing various services and for incentivizing users for different rewards achieved. Out of the 135 million FKX that will be issued, only but 80.325 million will be available for the token sale.

The token sale will be divided into two tiers- THE PRE-TOKEN SALE and THE TOKEN SALE. As for the dates for the sales;

With regards to price, 1 USD = 5.25 FKX. The ETH/FKX rate will be published on our website. It will be locked 4-6 hours before the crowd sale starts. The address for the token sale will be published only on the FortKnoxster official website-


  • Rasmus Birger Christiansen- CEO & Co-Founder
  • Mickey Joe Nathan Johnnysson- CTO & Co-Founder
  • René Krainert- CFO
  • Emin Roblac- Head of Design, and a lot of other experienced gurus.

For further information about ICO, please visit;

Official Website:

Official Whitepaper:

ANN Thread:

My Bitcointalk profile:;u=994327

ETH WALLET: 0xc102d5276a77BFFCd6eCB1C11dDEc768D4559Fea