Bee Social ICO: Managing Social Events With The Blockchain Technology

Bee Socials platform provides an easy way to do the things you love and to meet new people sharing the same interest online. This great company also connects guests and history on a platform that allows you to socialize and do things that you love while saving money and making money.They allows hosts to create and manage events, including payment processing and e-ticket generations.It is an easy-to-use and highly secure online platform, a complete end-to-end solution for the host, enabling you to connect in a secure environment. Bee Socials gives the hosts, who share space and welcome people in their homes, ultimate peace and quietness. This innovative platform also intends to provide third party liability insurance as a standard for hosts and landlords so that your space and property are covered.

Bee Socials Initial currency offering(ICO) will begin on November 11, 2017 and will last for 4 weeks and end on December 9, 2017.The exchange and bonus structure is as follows;PRICE: 0,30 € 1 ETH – 1000 BEE, PAYMENT METHOD: Ethereum, FINANCING OBJECTIVE: 20,000 ETH.  BEE tokens are used for transactions within the platform, and the host can accept Bee tokens as payment for tickets  to its events.
The Bee tokens are also used to provide tips to the host within the platform. Fiat currency is also accepted and third party payment gateways like PayPal are also accepted due to global expansion of the project.
Early investors who believe in this project will be rewarded with
* First 7 days pre-sale – 25% bonus BEE
* Next 7 days – 20% bonus BEE
* Next 7 days – 15% bonus

Security is at the heart of Bee Socials and this enhances commitment to Facebook and LinkedIn integration and indentity verification for all guests and hosts using the service. Indentity verification documentation will be  secured and stored by the platform and not accessible to other users. Bee funds will be used for development, marketing, legalization, business development and reserve. 15% of the Bee tokens from the public sale will be reserve for  contingency planning. This will ensure that they have access to capital in the future. The Bee Socials platform is a complete solution for hosts to list and fully manage all aspects of events in one place. This platform will help make the world a more welcoming, open and connected place, allowing anyone to travel to any part of the world and feel welcome. Bee Socials solves a real problem of cost-effectiveness and quality in the social lives of millions of people, enabling them to share their passion while making money, making friends and understanding. Make a living and have fun with this powerful platform:.There are no traffic jams along the extra-large mile, so they go beyond that to give you a special feeling. Bee Socials not only tries to be successful but also a value for you. Bee Social has a very reliable and powerful managerial team of experts who are very vast in their different fields of endeavour. Below you can perused them.

For further Information about ICO,please vist the following links;

Official Website:

Official Whitepaper:

ANN Thread:

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