Don’t You Feel The Global Standard Of E-Commerce Has Been Stagnant For Too Long? LET’S VERIFY!

Humans are too smart that occupying a good position for a long while will only elicit the desire to be greedy for more like Oliver Twist, the world’s locus classicus in matters like this.
From the beginning of the world, what was prevalent was manual trading that involved the seller and the purchaser having to meet at a special geographical zone called a market to exchange goods/services for money. As evolution occurred in human eras, so did it happen in the trading patterns. Now we have the blockchain technology which was introduced by some Satoshi Nakamoto (no one knows if it’s a person or group, but one thing is sure, this entity chose to be anonymous for certain reasons) being used by the e-commerce clime of life backed up by the usage of cryptocurrencies. See for more facts.
It’s just a shame that this blockchain technology which has proven invaluable to many other fields of application is not just yielding the expected standard of results. “But why?” OK check out this simple limitation facilitated by blockchain in the online commercial domain.

These issues can be classified into two phases;
-From the angle of the seller
-From the angle of the buyer
For the seller, the major problem suffered is low payments volume via cryptocurrencies which automatically means sellers have to rely on traditional financial instruments like credit card payments, resulting in higher transaction fees paid out by suppliers to these providers.
Another issue is Volatility. Handling payments in cryptocurrency exposes the sellers to volatility risk on their cryptocurrency holdings relative to fiat. Today, the majority of suppliers do not accept cryptocurrency payments, meaning that sellers necessarily require built-in conversion to fiat in order to meet their business payables, and many more problems which you can find on

On the buyer’s side of the table, these are some of what is being suffered.
The buyer is required to pay for a transaction, with no guarantee that the good or service that they are purchasing will be delivered. Further, since blockchain transactions are final, Alice has made a final, irreversible payment to Bob’s store with no guarantee that she will ever receive the product she paid for.
Another challenge lies in the fact that Buyers do not have an efficient method for using cryptocurrencies to purchase physical goods. Existing solutions rely on interfacing with costly credit-card networks resulting in a circuitous and inefficient method for processing payments that provides clunky consumer protection. These and many more challenges are faced on this market but the key word that can be extracted from all these problems is “CHALLENGES”. That is what VerifIlives for and here is its elixir to the challenges so far.

Verifi is an end-to-end payment protection and management solutions firm founded in2005. It works on credit card processing and payments for its clients and specializes in helping merchants protect their card payments through the entire payment lifecycle. Its solutions help combat fraud and prevent and resolve chargebacks while it also processes card payments in a clime that is safe for the consumer and merchant, and reduces instances of identity fraud.
Verify is composed of two connected, but distinct layers:
 Verify Reputation Protocol
 Verify Payments
Verify Reputation Protocol is the underlying reputation protocol that manages trust between the different participants in the network since there cannot be no business done without a little iota of trust between both parties.
‘Reputation’ here only goes to mean a value that sums up the “rating history” of all previous transactions undertaken on the Verify protocol (as rated by the counterparty) and a confidence level in that value. You can get to know more about this by reading the content of our Whitepaper at

Verify Payment is the solution to the “coldstart problem”. Umm, if you want to get a deep feel of what this “coldstart problem” is read the whitepaper again at Verify Payments provides a compelling, unique value proposition to buyers and sellers alike, while also growing the underlying Verify protocol and seeding it with the reputation data – that will allow even more applications to be built on top of it in the future.
Verify offers big time buyer protection even as it assures customers some juicy packages that prevent e-commerce fraud. These packages include 100% protection to the buyer against all forms of seller fraud like non-delivery, delivery at a wrong address, lost shipments, delivery of incorrect items, etc.

Verify Payments solves two issues previously considered irreconcilable on both sides of any commercial transaction:
»It allows buyers to receive 100% purchase protection on any and all orders they place
»Reputed sellers to get paid almost instantly on the majority of their orders.

The CRED token is the official token and currency on the Verify network. Audited smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain govern the creation, processing and distribution of these tokens.
Here’s a breakdown of the token sale campaign.

Purchase your tokens from while they last.


You just can’t help but join this train of success. Believe or not, but Verify just won the award of Best Chargeback Management Solution for the 5th Year in a row. Do not invest your fortune in an idea or a concept that is yet to be tested, invest in a pattern that has already been yielding outstanding results since 2005. Invest in Verify today!

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