Bitconcious ICO: An Innovative Charitable Platform Based On Blockchain Technology

  BitConscious Foundation is a decentralized charitable blockchain platform that provides cost-effective and cost-effective solutions to charities. This fully utilizes the benefits provided by blockchain technology ensuring greater transparency, no transaction costs, instant settlement, direct interaction with donors and data security in the charity sector.
1.Transparency is ensured by a large, decentralized ledger.allows to store donation paths created and upgraded by the system reporting that is integrated into the platfrom
2. Transfer of donations through blockchain technology is maintained and owned solely by the user thereby reducing the associated costs.
3. This platform eliminates the need to contract third-party agents, which involve high contract costs, and the risk of their involvement in unethical practices. This platform enhances direct interaction between donors and is done for free
4. Donation transfers through traditional money transfer systems take days to process. Whereas with Blockchain allowing transfers to be resolved quickly, for it is very important for those in need

Investors who get tokens for 5 ETH (200 BTCFs) will be included in the Founders’List. Voting for the allocation of funds to individuals. Tokens owned by investors represent their right to vote. I will help to allocate funds.


Team members will be included in the List of Founders. – Voting for the allocation of funds to individuals. The token held by the team represents our aspiration for the correct and ethical Platform function.

There will be 3500 tokens allocated to the bounty program. Rights as other tokenholders (to be included in the List of Founders if tokens are accepted through a grant program and voting for individuals to allocate funds) The purchase of tokens allocated to the bounty program at the selling price at ICO in the beginning of the month until the end of ICO.

For further information about ICO please visit;

Official Website:

Official Whitepaper:

Ann Thread:

My Bitcointalk profile:;u=994327

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