PodOne ICO: An Autonomous Management Ecosystem Based On Blockchain Technology

PodOne is a decentralized system of inside and removed contact focus operators, pooling together to make more proficient client and business associations. Through PodOne, HR are contracted out all through the arrangement of associations to gain the HR important to benefit clients. The PodOne arrange makes a market of blessing taking into account more noteworthy efficiency and an expansion in worth delivered by organizations. To add tissue to the above, PodOne is purely a decentralized contact center point arrange that interfaces organizations together. Decentralizing the call focus industry is for the best enthusiasm of both the specialists and the extensive variety of organizations that uses the administrations of call focus operators, as it will enable members to uninhibitedly and without hawkishness influence the best utilization of time, vitality and time to create a superior work to involvement and a capable administration. PodOne was made to take care of the issue of how organizations relate with each other by building a typical extension for cross-treatment of important data in the vicinity of one and another without the up to this point thorough procedures experienced in the traditional settings. In one sentence, the stage is on the edge towards making out the best from sit still time through the ‘sit out of gear time asset pool’ combined with versatile staffing approach and a very much arranged workforce administration. To get top to bottom points of interest of how the stage functions, download ‘White Paper’ at https://podone.io/wp-content/transfers/2017/10/PodOneWhitepaper.pdf. Innovation has changed the way collaboration is embraced among and amongst organizations and their separate clients or customer through call focus operators. Bring focus specialists throughout the years through the advancements in the data and correspondence age have encountered unique transformation that calls for relative change if the cutting edge standard is to be kept up and improved. This progression is related with the advancement in the endeavor programming industry which has changed the way organizations the world over gains and puts the work the development of the 21st century into work. Organizations grasped the new correspondence and advertising system in an offer to stay in business and influence relative to benefit. From exact assessment, there is an intense lacuna in the utilization of time by call focuses specialists which by suggestion regularly prompts paying for administrations that was never advertised. Research has additionally demonstrated that contact focuses pay hourly for agents who are just sit while holding up to deal with client correspondence. Reports uncovered that specialists invest roughly 35% of their energy in a sit state in a standard 8-hour move. This apparently brings about lost 2hours for each work day basically because of sit without moving time, at a 100-operator contact focus with a specialist pay of rate of $10.50 USD every hour. This infers factually that about $546, 000 USD is lost to sit out of gear time per annum. It was out of the before expressed test that I chose to look through the file on the most ideal approach to oversee call focus specialist’s chance. My interest explored me to https://podone.io/.
To totally decentralize the framework, the stage is based on the Blockchain Technology to guarantee exact, unadulterated and secure record of exchanges. A token called ‘Qubicle’ articulated as Work area has been made as a standard ERC-20 digital money to empower exchanges and exercises in the stage, this been equivalent. Another component of the stage is the PodOne wallet and obviously the scientific categorization of participation in the stage which incorporates the Business and the Operators; all working for one normal great in a secured and group driven round-table. To think about the Qubicle Tokens, tap on https://podone.io/#. On the off chance that you have taken a look at the ‘White Paper’ you downloaded at https://podone.io/wp-content/transfers/2017/10/PodOneWhitepaper.pdf, you will concur with me that the venture and prospects of the stage is mammoth and intriguing. To accomplish laid out destinations, the stage is issuing ICO to take into account the overall population to participate in this 21st century advancement. Tokens deal is LIVE at this point!. To join click ‘Join ICO’ at https://podone.io/#.










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