Food for thought! Have you ever imagined the number of people in the world who fall sick yearly? How about the total amount of money spent annually by patients in seek of better health? The thing is this, the medical industry generated $321.0 billion as far back as 2012 and this figure is never declining each passing year according to Vision gain. The World Bank even said that world health spending will exceed $12 trillion in 2022 But all these gigantic amounts spent has not really made much difference in humanity as we still see high mortality rates sprouting out from areas of medicine which ought to have been handled efficiently. But this isn’t so as the medical equipment in availability are not top-notch enough for the task.
Lao Tzu, a man of wise words once said, “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” Elcoin has chosen to champion this growth revolution on the medical field globally. It has noticed, due to its higher dimensions of consciousness, that the equipment in the market are not delivering the standards expected of them, hence it has picked up the challenge of manufacturing state-of-the-art machines to make a difference. Ever since 1997!

Here are the major issues plaguing the world that ELCOIN is set to drastically reduce;
1. Untimely diagnostics of diseases, where the role playing factors are: inadequate availability of medical services for patients (especially in developing countries); not always responsible attitude of people to their health; the current pace of life, when a person does not always have enough time for health screening; commonly high cost of medical services; 2. Ineffective allocation of financial assets and other resources. A report by the Institute of Medicine suggests a third or more of health costs are wasted (Forbes). 3. In some cases, too conservative views and rejection of new technologies;
4. Lack of communication between experts in different fields;
5. In some cases, the impossibility of a quick consultation with several specialists from one area of medicine;
6. Not always qualitative diagnostics and the subsequent appointment of treatment;
7. Centralized data management. Often, data on the health of patients are accumulated and used by large companies for their own purposes. Physicians and specialists do not have access to data;
8. Appearance of a number of diseases at an earlier age due to stresses, poor environment, insufficient awareness of people about the measures to reduce the risk of developing various diseases;
9. Rapid aging of the population; To ensure that these are fully attained, ELCOIN has set out to;
– Develop and produce portable and professional medical, healthcare and cosmetology equipment – Develop and implement the Blockchain Medical Platform, a rare and unusual gem.
– Research on new technologies for the further creation of new devices – Register and patent the products in the markets of the EU, North America, Australia, Russia, Asia, the Middle East and others.
– Create a network of healthcare centers under its own brand. See https://elcoin.io to get a sight of how these objectives will be attained.

Everyone loves looking young and charming, even younger than their ages most time. Having a physical Dorian Gray outlook is not a bad thing after all. The age of the Earth’s population is of great importance. By 2050, it is estimated that more than 22% of the world’s population will be over 60, given the fact that by that time the world’s population could reach 9 billion people.
The rate of aging is quite alarming due to some changes that had never been noticed before. Most persons of average numeric age now look older than they ought to. To handle this challenge, several sophisticated machines have been designed by scientists but apparently, a heavy percentage of these production are not user-friendly. A feature which is core in all EloCoin machines and the ones yet to be made.
The Quantum is the tech you can bank on for age control mechanisms. Built by the ElCoin team, this device is very user-friendly, it come with a coloured screen to check analysis and it is so portable. To see the science behind its production and how it fully works, just click here https://elcoin.io/White_Paper%200.9_v3.pdf.

On the issue of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide: for no other reason, as many people die each year as from CVD. According to the World Health Organization, in 2012, 17.5 million people died from CVD, accounting for 31% of all deaths worldwide. To change this story is Cardio, ElCoin’s newest babyvin the labour room, yet to be released. From the test carried out on this device, it has forecast the probability of a heart attack or stroke with an accuracy of 95%. Impressive! These are just a few of the machines that are yet to be released to save humanity’s lifespan which is hastily reducing and not much success has been achieved lately stopping it.

ElCoin comes in two folds as I told you initially. On one side is machine manufacturing and the other is the establishment of a decentralized system of blockchain medicine, aiming to expand the availability of medical services, improve their quality, reliability, and disseminate the maximum amount of information related to human health within the community. Get more of the gist by checking out https://elcoin.io/White_Paper%200.9_v3.pdf.

The Elcoin (ELC) which is based on Ethereum shall be the official currency of the network. A total of 60,000,000 ELCs will be released for this sale. These tokens will be distributed as follows:
– 30,000,000 (50% of the total number of tokens) will be sold at the stage (pre-sale) from November 19 2017 to February 5 2018.
– If pre-ordered and during the first week of the Distribution Period, the price of one ELC token is US$ 0,80 (5 % of the total number of tokens for sale is 1,500,000 ELC) – During the second week of the Distribution Period, the price of one ELC Token will be US$ 0,85 (5 % of the total number of tokens for sale is 1,500,000 ELC)-
During the third week of the Distribution Period, the price of one ELC Token will be US$ 0,90 (5 % of the total number of tokens for sale is 1,500,000 ELC) – During the third week of the Distribution Period, the price of one ELC Token will be US$ 0,95 (5 % of the total number of tokens for sale is 1,500,000 ELC) – After the 28-th day of the Distribution Period until the Expiration Date, the price of one ELC Token will be US$ 1,00 (80% of the total number of tokens for sale is 24,000,000 ELC).
To get more information or for purchase of tokens, just check on https://elcoin.io. You will not regret it. Trust me!


Meet the founders of ElCoin.
Other members of the ElCoin team are;
 Ramiz Guluzade
 Raisa Tatarintseva
 Alex Sushkov
 Tatiana Baranova
 Prof. Nikolajs Nikolajevs
 Raymond C. Onuh, and others too numerous to list.

For further Information about ICO please visit;

Official Website: https://elcoin.io/

Official Whitepaper: https://elcoin.io/White_Paper%200.9_v3.pdf

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/ELCOIN_IO

My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=994327

ETH wallet: 0xF10C6B0aA386FC16579F1F3e47fd9224c8E467cA

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