NUCLEUS.VISION: Connecting the unconnected

NUCLEUS VISION is an end to end technology solutions that captures and provides previously un-accessed data to retailers and other different businesses through its proprietary block-chain and real time sensor technology.
This platform uses block-chain, sensors, data and intelligent analytics to create automated solutions that generates customers loyalty.
For retailers, Nucleus Vision IoT (internet of Things) solution provides insights into customers behaviour that were not previously possible.
Through the Nucleus Vision block-chain-enabled technology, we are able to connect to the on and offline world.
This platform is a great benefit for all because giant corporations around the globe have traditionally monetized their customers data solely for their own benefits, and have maintained exclusive control over said data.
Nucleus Vision shifts the power of monetization to the customers themselves, enabling them to take full control of their own data and the power to monetize it.
Nucleus Vision… A decentralization in its truest and strongest form.
The nCash token is the currency for data exchange.
NUCLEUS VISION technology platform has put together the frame work for Nucleus Vision Homes, N.V Cars, N.V health, N.V Agri, N.V City, N.V Air. This platform has massive applications for smart communities /smart cities, agriculture, transportation, healthcare and home monitoring.
Nucleus Vision has built a sensor technology that overcomes all the drawbacks of existing retail technologies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi beacons, to identify in real time any person walking in the proximity of a Nucleus Vision ION sensor.
Using the Nucleus Vision’s smart sensor technology, retailers can identify and interact directly with customers as they enter the store.
Nucleus Vision remains plug and play and follows data and privacy requirements of the global telecom industry.
Nucleus Vision technology is a function of 4 primary components; ION, ORBIT, NEURON, & nCASH
The ION Network can uniquely identify ans sense temperature, pressure, motion, acceleration and sound within the vicinity of the sensor.
ION sensor enables retailers to capture new data on brick-and-mortar customers.
ORBIT Block-chain: Nucleus Vision Block-chain platform, Orbit is the foundation over which customers identifies, customer data and the nCash tokens flow accurately and securely between all involved parties and systems.
Neuron layer: The Nucleus Vision Neuron intelligence platform is state of the art analytic engine that leverages the strength of deep learning, block-chain and (IoT) Internet of Things. The Neuron platform enables retailers to take advantage of time and opportunity when customers are most receptive. Neuron connects retailers and customers at precisely the right moment to bring an element of delight and surprise to the retailer’s customers service regime.
nCash Token-Based payment: nCash is the decentralized cryptocurrency of the Nucleus Vision ecosystem, which is used for various transactions across Nucleus Vision. nCash serves 2 primary purposes;
* It is the back-bone of the Nucleus Vision universal loyalty program (retailer rewards system) and
* It is a currency used to enable the transfer of data from one party to another. Retailers in the Nucleus Vision network can reward their users with offers using the nCash which can be redeemed across any retailer in the Nucleus Vision network.
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