ENJOY LIFE- Enjoy life is an easy life platform that makes life easy for every business owners.

This platform create a system in which user can freely, securely and comfortably receive store and send both crypto currency and flat payments without third party converting services, payment systems, personal account and online stores.
The EL [Enjoy Life] platform will help meet needs and create values for business partners of crypto community.
This platform has come to help for the creation of a universal payment ecosystem capable of uniting real economy sector and the crypto currency world for exchange, calculation and interaction.
There is no need to fear for your business because this platform [EL] can be easily integrated into any field of trade.
This platform also have an app that combines the storage of discount, bonuses and other offers from partners of the company , a multicurrency wallet and a trading platform.
Every client do not need to store and take your stacks of discount cards or keep on the phone a lot of applications from stores.
Every of your user receives an instant discount from each purchase made within the system and carries out necessary action.
EL has some functions for clients;
-Free signups
-Access to all discounts of business partners.
-Simplified payments.
-Multi currency wallets.
-To secure payments and the guarantee of four exchange.
-Purchase of cryptocurrency and its exchange within the application.
-Additional income from purchases of your invite friends.
-Internal chat for communicating with your friends.
EL also has the functions of application for business partners;
– Access to the entire enjoy life client base.
– Combining buyers and sellers in one platform.
– Creation of your own advertising campaigns and visualized map of your business with its full description.
– No need for new equipment and creation of merchants.
– Additional income for attracting other partners to this platform.
– 10% of this profit from each purchase of the customer of your business as well as from the client of your competitors.
This is how it works – Partners of EL form a discount on their platform for buyers, preliminary/stipulating its size with the business.
Business partners can create their own advertising campaign and newsletters for network clients. The system (platform) allows using unlimited resources for creating informational campaigns aimed at their own client’s base for the entire network of EL users. Customers who use the EL mobile applications receive visualization of partners business with a company logo, description and location in the section; partners.
Any member of the EL can be a client (uses discount and bonuses of the system) as well as the business partner (attracts customers to his business).
Another important element of promotion in this platform is the franchise program after signing up in the EL live, partners can activate a franchise. A franchise partner gets the opportunity to attract business from any country, and goes through the certified training. His account receives 12% of the discount provided the business from each check.
Enjoy Life provides its partners with the opportunity to receive additional earnings on marketing. This amount of earnings reaches up to 10% on marking, from a partner which you invited.
Also, a partner can earn an income of 15% on marketing from the activities of other business partners which he will connect to the system, even if the participant is the competitor.
Enjoy Life helps you to connect with unlimited numbers of customers and business partners on the EL platform.
Make your business enjoyable with ENJOY LIFE: https://ico.enjoy-life.world/en

For more Information about ICO visit;

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2284146

Official Website: https://ico.enjoy-life.world/en

Official Whitepaper: https://ico.enjoy-life.world/Enjoy%20Life_WP_eng.pdf

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