SYMMETRY FUND ((SYMM) (The best way to know how every cryptocurrency fund is made)

This is a platform for trading cryptocurrency.
So many cryptocurrency like, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash etc are disrupting how currency fund is been distributed and held daily.
It is difficult for people to understand how to obtain trade on their own. But this platform will help you understand all of this.

This platform will help you to know more in trading witthout any hinderances or complexity.
SYMM also pays dividends monthly in ETH.
An investor of SYMM will click into a managed fund that will make you take part in the moves of cryptocurrency exchange without any significant capital investment that would be required when you trade.

A single fund (share) in investing in this platform represents one SYMM token. Every shareholders are allowed to trade their token with different peers based on market rates.
SYMM holds some percentage of funds in other not to expose the whole fund at any time. This platform also provides weighted currency and risks to each currency in the investment portfolio for any other risk migration.

SYMM also provides self certtification system so that shareholders/ investors can monitor their investments at any time.
SYMMETRY FUND (SYMM) ICO issues unlimited amount of SYMM tokens in the SYMM Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
The ICO opens for just a period of 121 days abd one (SYMM) token represents a single share in the fund.
For your investment in the SYMM token, Ethereum will be needed.
ICO will be moved for trading phase when yoi ensure that SYMM does not have adverse impactt in the market, the withdrawals will be completed on different range of exchanges to further mitigate potential market impact. The trading will now commerce as soon as initial withdrawals has been made.

It is safe to invest because risk will be proactively managed by SYMM. It’s capital (SYMM) will be stored in fiat currencies when it is not engaged in a trade by a key strategy, SYMM.
Holding the funds in fiat currencies will help in consistent growth without being constantly exposed to the fluctuations of crypttocurrencies.
Specific signal risk for each cryptocurrency will also be used to determine fund allocation and balance risk.
After every profit, dividends will be paid tto share holders in ETH made by SYMM.

When investing in this platform, SYMM will help you understand the full basis of investing, how to increase funds and how to manage them.
The platform, (SYMM) do not keep their investors or shareholders from making more profit.

SYMM enables you understand even the risk of investing and make your investments safe, stored, and even increase your funds. There is no management fee charged when there’s no profit.

As a technology comapany, SYMM offers every individuals the opportunity to gain exposure to the cruptocurrency market withoutt the complexity of managing their own trades and associated techonoly.

SYMM platform is a business platform that you should trust becauise we (SYMM) are eminent, relaible, and always at the bank of satisfactory. This platform is focused on ensuring transparency, mitigrating risk and delivering value to share holders.

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