Technology Consortium and Community for Urban Flights. McFly tokens in the decentralized Urban Flights.

McFly has provided a very fast means of transport whereby you use your. Token (which are flight itself) to order an aerial vehicle (electric take vertical take-off and landing, autonomous or semi-piloted) to the nearest landing area or even directly to your house roof and you can also use your mobile device. Blockchain powered platform for flying vehicles to give people affordable and spectacular way to avoid traffic jams in big cities.
McFly has. Come to make us comfortable with movement made easy. There is no need for waiting much longer for vehicle in your area because, we (McFly) has provided a means which is done in two ways;
(1) The number of tokens in your wallet without you spending them affects the class of service.
(2) Consenting to the higher tariff determined by demand and supply ratio of the moment.
The aerial vehicle then arrives to take you to the desired destination, and some tokens are transfered from the customer’s wallet into the current operation wallet of the vehicle.
There’s no need to fear because the community of decentralized urban flights is formed by the several dozen enthusiasts of decentralized urban mass aviation, and blockchain.
McFly has made the urban mass flight affordable and even more effective operation and management of the infrastructure and the vehicles and the economic system. The community has recognized that effective collaboration of various businesses is required to exedite the future of urban aerial vehicle, ridesharing network that was also the Blockchain in Aero Consortium established.
Blockchain tokens, being an integral part of the blockchain technology, can be used both to measure the aerial vehicles available flying resource and its consumption in different flight modes, under different trade and should be accounted for in wallets held by both passengers and vehicles themselves.
McFly token – as – a flight system provides for emergence of new economy, distinguished by several features, which allows aggregators, transportation service providers, and private users to;
• Secure the vehicle for exclusive personal use.
• Reserve flights for themselves based on the number of tokens in their possession.
• Act as flight providers connecting their secured vehicles for ride-sharing grid use.
• Act as a dispatch center by providing passengers orders to vehicles, acquiring their commission in tokens, and subsequently selling tokens to passengers or using them to secure more flight resource.
• Provide parts of the infrastructure and services in exchange for tokens.
• Build own vehicle production factory and obtain tokens in exchange for providing replacement or additional vehicles.
This bloclchain solution is to provide the backbone cor the operations support and business support for the mass urban flights. is the platform to tokenize flight itself, including all parts, functions and values of infrastructure required to make the mass urban flight an affordable commodity.
This platform is here to improve the world collectively by turning flying cars into everyday thing. is a solution to who owns the button problem on the air taxi market. It will use blockchain technology to give the Button to you, push for operational efficiencies, provides volumes to partners and great prices to passengers. Consortium will provide the complete package of technologies for the urban air taxi grid.
This blockchain enables you get city flights. check here:

McFly is Safe and effective, making everyone comfortable when the fly.

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